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LIFE IS STRANGE | Socket to Him

You guys know the drill.  Puns and violence.  But that's why you're here, isn't it?  That's certainly why I'm still here.  Heaven knows I'm not getting paid, and it probably weeps for what these comics are doing to my soul.

1. The boy in the green shirt in named Warren; when something is "unwarranted", it is unnecessary or not needed.
2. The crazy girl's name is Max; "crank it up to the max" implies that you are raising something to its maximum level.
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These comics are getting pretty dark
Sirasslessunicorn's avatar
These are so dark and i love them Misclittles 
Misclittles's avatar
SofieDanse's avatar
Why Max look like Frisk? xd
Aliros's avatar
i fucking LOVE PUNS
RogueActorFIN's avatar
These puns are killing me~
emcee75's avatar
Mad Max the Mountain of Blackwell Determined Max 
Reidakh's avatar

where is the bullet time?
Dotta-Natural's avatar
:iconmaxpayneplz::iconsaysplz:She learned from the best.
fantasylover100's avatar
*insert When Nathan's dad isn't here*
the scary part about it is that max looks an awful lot like chara. I sense deeper meaning in life is strange.
Shiga95's avatar
0530wolf's avatar
Is that a Harry Potter reference?
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Why do I find your comics with a sometimes crazy Max so great? What does that say about me? I love, love, love her psychotic look in the last panel.
5magmacubes's avatar
Max's LOVE increased...?
XxMysticMornstarxX's avatar
"Level of Violence"
That's the first thing that got my attention.
inkfire12's avatar
It got all of our attention
vidoxi's avatar
Max has been watching too much Game of Thrones.
Crazyweirdoleader's avatar
why is maz slowly turning into a wendigo... also nathan is my fav nearly but i find this funny
JaiyaPapaya's avatar
Where's Max's chin?
thepuzzlingcentaur's avatar
CRPGMunin's avatar
I have not laughed this well for a long time, good job ( ´∀`) love these facial expressions you have on characters! And i wanna see this kind of Max in game so badly now...
Sorcerer1800's avatar
Eye See wut you did there...
Or im just eyeballing it...
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