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LIFE IS STRANGE | It Tastes Better the Second Time

Wow!  That was a nice nap.  Wait a second, what day is it?

...Oh, crap.

Well, I'm sorry for practically vanishing, everyone.  I've been visiting my sickly grandmother, overcoming a powerful bout of poison ivy, and trying to plan my next multi-chapter interactive story, but I'm sure you guys have had plenty to do in my absence, so whatever, right?

As many of you might notice, this is my first "Life is Strange" parody.  I've only played the first episode, so I haven't had much material for inspiration just yet, but I'm liking it so far and plan to continue.  Speaking of that, I know some of you enjoy my parodies, but here's a hypothetical for you to taste-test: what about a Let's Play?  I've never done one before, but I've got some basic equipment to work with.  If you guys'd be interested, I can try putting somethin' together fer ya, and it'd be a neat experience for me.  I'd play the first episode again, and then continue from there without any prior experience.  Like I said, just a hypothetical.  Let me know whatcha think.
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I don't get it.
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
Sometimes she can rewind time but keep herself stationary, explain this please! It's hella confusing
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Basically her time powers affect everyone but herself. So if she pushes walks over to a vase and breaks it where she was standing at that very moment is where she will be which is right next to the vase. Tho the vase it's self will be rewinded and fixed it's really fucked up but cool in its own way
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
So it's like Nightcrawler's teleportation, anyone touching hymn can teleport with him, too bad the game never explained much of anything
WritingStoriesForFun's avatar
Tbh I don't think so. If for example Chloe held Max's hand and then she did her rewind it would still rewind Chloe but not max. So nobody can take advantage of it like that
Misclittles's avatar
Im surprised she didn't vomit
But since you carry items when you reverse time, shouldn't you also be able to carry foods?
TheReplication's avatar
Didn't Jimmy Neutron's dad do the same thing?
Purplestshirt's avatar
The struggle is real Max! the struggle is real...
Bluebirdo's avatar
Loving your comics, all of them, and this one got me curious.

So when Joyce feeds you in episode 3, you can rewind after you eat breakfast to before Joyce brings the food. When she does, the plate will be empty (crumbs/partially eaten...seriously why does no one ever actually finish their food in this game?), but no one, not even Max, will make a note of this. So it might just be a glitch, but I'm running with it. It's actually kind of funny.
Arkydos's avatar
Oh really? So one could conclude through that, that when max eats something it "becomes" one with her.... Yeah, Would be awesome if they mentioned that ingame, although i guess that would be a little too... STRANGE B|]

Wait now that i think about it, wouldn't she be able to just take someone with her through time? Because her clothes, bag etc. are still with her when she time travels...
Sorry to hear about your Grandma and the poison ivy :( I hope all is cool with you now.

I'm guessing this Max will still eat the chocolate. She is deranged after all :) 
LoveIyEdge's avatar
Omg xD
Bad choice, Max, bad choice. XD
Natsumi1122's avatar
Max you idiot. 
Your parody comics are gold good god, thank you.
TheGouldenWay's avatar
Thank you for enjoying them and saying so.  It means a lot.
Grumpo-Marx's avatar
Reminds me of the Red Dwarf episode 'Backwards'
drawinggirl13's avatar
Lol it reminds me of family guy XD 
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I always wondered what would have happened if she time travelled while in the vehicle, especially if that vehicle was a bus on the highway or something like that  . I thought of that was when I travelled across Germany for the entire week after I just finished playing Episode 4.
Since she stays on the exactly same place whenever she rewinds, would she stay in the middle of the road?  Or would she return back to where the bus originally was?  What would have happened if someone catapulted Max and she time-travelled while in air? Would she still be screwed, trapped in the air? Because if that is the case, then I think we found a way how to kill the time traveller-ambush her, stun her and then catapult her so that she falls to her death, no matter what she does. >D
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