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BEFORE THE STORM | Unfulfilled

Hey everyone.  It's definitely only been a few days since my last upload, so here's another upload, uploaded in a very timely fashion, as always, of course!

What's that?  I've been neglecting my page for months, you say?  Nonsense.  Could an artist who's been neglecting his page for months do THIS???

*does a thing that only artists who haven't been neglecting their pages for months can do*

See?  Anyway, when I played the first episode and saw that deluxe Hot Dawg Man outfit in the drawer, I immediately conjured up expectations that could never been satisfied.  For just a brief moment, I seriously thought I'd get to walk around Arcadia Bay as Chloe in a hot dog mascot suit.  The lack of such a thing is the real tragedy of the story.  Not Rochelle, or whatever her name is.
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Hey, Gould, your Life is Strange comics are good and I appreciate that you've drawn so much cute art of Chloe! :) Your artwork is fantastic!

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My guy... make more Last of Us content!

Part 2 is out, and there's so much potential.
Zyphon44's avatar
it's been so long...
ktshy's avatar
LOL exactly right XD
RedRacoon09's avatar
I bought the deluxe edition of Before the Storm and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
Loukho's avatar
Please, marry me UuU

Seriously, this make me laugh so loudly !
vendoth's avatar
I was compelled to leave a comment, by words that appeared on the screen. They were in the form of a speech bubble. I am sheep.
Qiuffin's avatar
Well I don't even know what the point of buying the game anymore is 
PeriAndrews's avatar
That's exactly what I was expecting when I bought the deluxe edition XD
swallowswift's avatar
What a coincidence, the weekend i start playing before the storm you release new issues.
Frousties's avatar
Why are your parodies so perfect ?
MaskofGamer's avatar
My heart is happy with another marvelous comic of your, and at the same time sad since the Hod Dawg Man costume dream won't become reality... why Square Enix?... Just, why?
SpartanJohh117's avatar
Welcome the hell back! 
MaskofGamer's avatar
No, thanks. Bye.
SpartanJohh117's avatar
Crap not u i meant Goulden
elessal's avatar
my god. now I want that skin.
Quick-5's avatar
A damn shame...
JaiyaPapaya's avatar
I'm glad to see your 'back'! But you didn't leave so like
phnks's avatar
lol, nice. If LiS 2 doesn't allow me to play as a Hot Dawg Man mascot person then it will be literally unplayable ;)
Shimazun's avatar
Hahaha nice one :D really missed your comics!
SpartanJohh117's avatar
Same, this guy a fucking genius
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