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BEFORE THE STORM | Mr. Unicorn (Finale)

If there's anything Mr. Unicorn's horn cancer story arc has taught me, it's that, when our loved ones leave us, they leave behind the one thing that can never die: love.  Thank you all for your support over these last few years as we laughed, gasped, and cried along with one of the most tragically beautiful characters in Western canon.  The world won't be the same without him, but if we treat each other as Mr. Unicorn treated only gentiles, it'll feel like he's still with us forever.

1. "...all the unicorns died": A quote from the "Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Episode 1: Awake" when Chloe looks at an old poster in her room.  The poster is of a princess riding a winged unicorn.
2. Mr. Unicorn: Rather self-explanatory.  Explaining who Mr. Unicorn is would be like explaining who Jesus is, which is ironic, because Jesus was Jewish.
3. Jews: Antisemitism was one of the most beloved quirks of Mr. Unicorn.  If you compare him to Hitler for this, I swear I'll scream over you until I don't have to face my cognitive dissonance.

I changed Chloe's final line to one suggested by MichaelHK to avoid making her seem antisemitic.  I'm pretty sure she's not, but who am I to judge?
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"which is ironic, because Jesus was Jewish."

But it's not ironic (speaking of which, what's ironic about explaining who Jesus is in this context, assuming he is "Jewish" in the same vein that Mr. Unicorn is speaking of? I just don't see it is all...) because modern Jews are very different from the ancient Israelites of the past, both in genetics (diaspora) and beliefs (which had become influenced by foreign beliefs, and perverted by their own religious leaders), though they will say otherwise.

I don't understand, what's cognitive dissonant about disagreeing with someone equating Mr. Unicorn to Hitler?

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man, even the unicorns hate us
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he has a Hitler haircut
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Wish I could hit like for this XD
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Nazi unicorns! Of course! The way their horns are pointed, I knew it couldn't be a coincidence!
Good to have more of this.
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Mr. Unicorn leaves a void in his passing.  :)
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>This isn't even an edit
Jesus, das some good stuff
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silly Chloe, that's an alicorn in that drawing.
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TFW you just try to make a little joke and there's that one person who takes it too seriously.
Honest if I knew the Mr.Unicorn joke I'd of been laughing, but I have yet to play before the storm.
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Life is Aryan.
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However you were trying to turn the "bigoted unicorn" thing into a joke, you failed.
This is how you do it right:…
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the only thing i didn't like about this was that he made Chloe antisemitic. If instead of having her cry and make the promise, she could have said something like "It was probably for the best, though" to follow her "then all the unicorns died" line. Meh.
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That's actually a great idea.  The original didn't have much of a punchline, so this is a great edit.  Thanks for the feedback!
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hey, thats cool! i just think its funnier this way :)

anyone is welcomed to disagree though
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It's not even "ironic," it's just bigotry.
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Well. I didn't expect that.
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Like Hitler Before Me Remenber All These Wise Words: Dont Trust The Jews.
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I uphold Mr. Unicorn's legacy by going a step further and not trusting anyone. 
I have succesfully turned my room into a fully self-sufficient bunker and I plan to re purpose my F1 bed as a technical in order to deter any further human relationships. 

The future is bright Mr Unicorn. 
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