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Who invited that guy...?

1. Chloe says "run-of-the-mill", which means "normal", but also includes the word "mill".
2. "Millennials" are the generation that went through childhood during the turn of the millennia (1990s to 2000s) and reach young-adulthood during the early 21st century.  Chloe once again stresses the "mill" part of the word, since the party is taking place at an abandoned mill.
3. The name of the comic is "More Like CHINdig".  A "shindig" is a party or get-together.  Because I always give Chloe that swanky Chin™ whenever she makes a pun, I changed one letter in "shindig" to make it "Chin-dig".
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I was going to complain, but her year of birth is 1994, so I guess she counts.
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This one reminds me a little of Bison from Street Fighter. You should do something with that.
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This Chloe can only be described as... perfection
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okay im fucking dead
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I almost thought Frank used Chloe's chin to pop his bottle.  :D  That he was so jaded to her puns.  :P

Also, I love the expressions!
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when I'm reading your comics,I feel like I'm acturlly in a English studying channel.
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