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The Chincontinues its reign of terror.  This time it gracefully borders on the blatantly sexual.  Scandalicious!

I actually do have a lot more of these mill puns.  Some are more obvious than others.  Some come out of literally nowhere.  All will be revealed... if I ever do another cartoon taking place at the mill.

You guys'd probably freak out if you saw the library of horrible puns I'm keeping.  I feel like a linguistic serial killer.

1. "Milling about" means "wandering around or aimlessly shuffling, usually in a crowd".  Chloe is saying she's just going to shuffle around the yard of the mill, and hence, stresses the "mill" in "milling about".
2. Chloe stresses the "mill" again in the word "million".
3. Chloe once more stresses the "mill" in "millenia", which is the plural form of "millenium", which means "a thousand years".
4. "Open Sesame" is a famous magic phrase that people tend to associate with the opening of otherwise impenetrable doors.  When Chloe says "Opun Sesame", it's a play on the phrase by integrating the word "pun" into the word "open"; by saying it this way, she's implying that she's opened an otherwise inaccessible door with a magic phrase (namely, her stupid jokes).
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Going back through these is making my day! :D
YakaSheez's avatar
She'll need a drink after that.
hexpyon's avatar
I mean, this is pretty much how that scene went.
Omnipotrent's avatar
She sliced his face with her chin wtf XD

Aww Yea 3D - Emoticon 
elessal's avatar
was her father the crimson chin?
Snakespur's avatar
"By my mother's mandible, I SAY NEIGH!!!"
deviantYOUNGARTER's avatar
deviantYOUNGARTER's avatar
Chole--------the pun(k) girl
shorewall's avatar
Assault with a deadly chin.  :)
WeirdButFriendly's avatar
This is it. How it all started
ReadyForTheMoshPit's avatar
That mill about pun was terrifying.

Just perfect, as always.
SchizophrenicSurs's avatar
The character development in Chloe's chin though is amazing
deviantYOUNGARTER's avatar
I really like how you make these charactor be different from the game
Cainmak's avatar
You can oPUN a MILLion doors with that attitude, Chloe. 
MaskofGamer's avatar
Why Chloe from the game can't be this Chloe?
Snakespur's avatar
He really PUNished the guy for keeping her out. 
Adopt-From-Frog's avatar
This just keeps getting better and better!
SpartanJohh117's avatar
It must take a MILLion MILLimeter rulers to tell how long her chin is
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