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Next stop: Gush City.

To me, Episode 2 was one of the best episodes -- if not THE BEST episode -- of any choose-your-own-adventure I've ever played.  I loved every second of it.  Chloe's inner commentary and cynical scenery chewing was that same beyond-amazing mixture of relatable and goofy.  Every single character feels like they've got depth and mystery behind them.  Every single choice was not only engaging and believable but tough as hell to make.  Every scene felt important, and I can't remember a single moment (even the slow ones) feeling tedious or boring.  Most impressively, the thing kept me hooked for four straight hours and I didn't feel like even a second was wasted.  It was just one thing after another and all of it was absolutely glorious.  I can't thank Deck Nine enough for giving me a near-perfect experience like this.

Dudes and dudettes, I am so happy right now, I can't even a words of it.  I'm looking forward to this finale like crazy.
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just draw a bunch of nine's on the left side
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Chloe, you can't do that! You'll create a time paradox!
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in my case it was more like ''an old friend is going to kill everyone you love in *insert time here*''
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Ah yes, "You are about to dip" 
An instant classic.
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(slurs) Rachel is clearlly druggged ... (falls flat on the floor).
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Well, that's a good endorsement for me!  :)

And I like the timer.  :)
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Maxipad! Quick! Rewind!
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I've been avoiding the second part, I'm not ready for the feels, but it seems like its good so I'll check it out.
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Which death are you talking about?
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And it was in that momement when Chloe knew she f*kd up. 
I did the nerd math (including spreadsheets), and I estimate you to be within 15 minutes of Chloe's death in LIS EP1.  Colour me impressed.
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Well, thank you. I only did a rough estimate of the times, so what times did you have? The LiS EP1 death was about 4:20pm (.jpeg), right? As for the BtS EP2 scene in the truck, according to texts, I could only assume approximately noontime, so I took some liberty on that end.
I actually worked on around 4pm for the shooting, based on leaving the classroom at about 3:55pm.  But when you think about it, by the time Max has wandered down the corridor, read everything, looked at everyone, had her meltdown and taken the butterfly photo, 4:20pm sounds better.   And I guessed you were using noon for the graffiti, based on Rachels' text at about 11:35, and allowing time to get parts for the truck.  But over the course of 3 /12 years (including a leap year), it was pretty good.
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NANI! is this the work of an enemy stand?
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These references are more than I can stand.

I seriously need to watch that show.
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Now imagine if when Max comes back, she asks her to rewind and see if it changes anything. It's not affected by the rewind, so Chloe will die even sooner
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Really? I'm finding the whole prequel to be kinda "meh" tbh. the only "genuine" LiS moments for me have been the play, and the DnD parts. The different VA's still pull me out of the experience, and there's nothing really happening... There's not really a plot. Chloe has no personal stakes.

And I love LiS, I got a tattoo, that game is my shit.
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Luckily, like with the original game, the prequel has some more immediate mini-stakes to keep me invested as I go, like the play or the drug money or whatever; but you're right about the long-term stakes being a bit hard to grasp, which I remember being my problem with the first game around Episode 3.  However, because this is a prequel, my current theory is that -- while the heroes and goal are obvious (two friends/lovers want to run away together) -- the obstacle is undefined.  There are the seeds of obstacles being planted in the first and second episodes (the drug-lord, the mysterious woman, emotional turmoil, broken homes, etc.) but which obstacle(s) actually stops the heroes from running away is unknown.  So you might be right about that being a flaw in the storytelling.  I have a theory, though.

That's right, it's time for WHACKY TOM'S WEIRD UNFOUNDED THEORY CORNER (patent pending)!

Most stories can be boiled down to "a hero's struggle against an obstacle to reach a goal".  In many stories that follow this formula, you could say that there are four big questions in the plot:
1. Who are the HEROES?  Who are we rooting for?
2. What is their GOAL?  What are they trying to accomplish?
3. What is the OBSTACLE?  What is trying to stop them?
4. What is the RESULT?  Do they succeed or fail?

Now, you can't answer all the questions at once, or else there's no uncertainty, and hence, no reason to continue with the story to find out what happens.  Usually, 1-3 are answered by the halfway point, and 4 is left to the end.  In "Before the Storm", however, the writer's know that the audience already knows the answer to 4, at least in broad terms.  The result is failure.  So instead of pretending to let that question go unanswered until the end, maybe the writers decided to count 1, 2, and 4 as answered, and leave 3 as the unanswered question.  We know who the heroes are, and that they want to run away, and that they fail in the end, but we DON'T know what stops them yet, despite several possibilities being introduced so far.  Anyway, maybe that's what the writers are going for, but hey, that's JUST A THEORY.  A LAME THEORY!  Thanks for watching!

The voice-acting is hit-or-miss.  I think they do a good job for the most part, and when they don't, I like it when the lines sound a little off, because it adds to the charming flawed-ness that I love in the series.  That's just me, of course.  Also, the DnD and the play are two of the best things in videogames.  Hands down.  We can definitely agree on that.
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