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BEFORE THE STORM | All Pomp (Part 2)

I told you I had more, and this is just the beginning.  I'll Pompido more of these, but they might not be consecutive.

1. In the first panel, Pompidou is in the shape of the number two, creating "Pompitwo.
2. A "tutu" is a skirt used by ballerinas.
3. Pompidoom is a play on the Marvel villain, Dr. Doom.
4. Pompeiidou is a reference to an ancient disaster.  The city of Pompeii was built at the foot of the seemingly inactive volcano, Mt. Vesuvius.  One day, Mt. Vesuvius finally erupted, destroying the city and burying its poor residents.
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Pompeiidou. You. Goddam Genius.
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Tom you genius pun master i love you. (That dog face on the vulcano in particular gave me a good chuckle)
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I got one
From the Big Lebowski
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I was gonna use PompiDude in a future one, but all I could think of was having him ride a skateboard or wear a cap backwards.  I like the Big Lebowski idea way more.
SpartanJohh117's avatar
Yeah well the Dude abides
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I got one, Pompiuarederanged.

It's a good one... great job as always!
This almost makes up for the fact that Deck Nine only let me pat Delia *once*.
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Frank is gonna be broke if he buys all of these costumes for his dog. That or he's spacing out and imagining this. Still cute tho
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oh my gosh i  love these XD
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Hella funny :D Maybe also Plumpitou, the fat dog?
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Well, at least Pompeiidou can't start any forest fires. Rachel's got that covered!
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this is pompitoo much for me!
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