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Grunge-Splat vector pack

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It has been a while since I have uploaded anything. This is my latest release. Thanks to everyone who has favorited all the other ones. :) I have another idea for yet another pack. Bear with me :)
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HisdangerousnessHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for uploading! Going to give these a try right now!
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this is so cool
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love it~
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LiquidpjearHobbyist Interface Designer
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Awesome drips, man! :D
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nice :)
this might come in handy ^^
tnx :hug:
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very nice.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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Very useful! thanks a lot.

am ' i allowed to use it for a print project or must i draw my own ones?

salute :)
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As far as using it for something, go ahead, just credit me and let me see the final outcome pleasseeee :)
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bellekaXProfessional General Artist
well done, thank you!
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tondecartonProfessional Digital Artist
VERY VERY HANDY!! thanks a lot for this share, 10 Kudos
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No problem :) Just be sure to lemme see some work you made with it pleaseeee
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These are great!!! Is it okay if I use these for messin around?
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Thanks :) and go ahead. Lemme see the end result :)
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I used these for my deviant ID, but I'll be using them for much more exciting things in the future XP
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Good deal :) all I ask is that you lemme see your results :)
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can i use it for commercial use?
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Depends, what is it going to be used on? Email me.
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is it possible to use it on corel ?
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I'm not sure. I have never used that program. Sorry =\
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Haha, well your welcome.
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