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So sometimes weird FNAF AU ideas cross my mind; most of them are 'what-ifs' or role swapping. Of course, I have neither time nor stamina to develop them all into something more; so I think I'll just stock them in this journal. Maybe I'll make something from them later in the future. But until then, if anyone gets inspired and wants to craft some of these into a fully-fledged story/AU/fanart/whatever, feel free to do so! Just credit me; I'd love to see what you've created =)

Just a note: each AU is its own separate timeline, unless you see some of them crossoverable.
(Also, some of this can be considered weird/crack to a certain extent. Please respect it, okay? Any hate comments towards the AUs/canon games/novels/Scott/etc. will be hidden).

Alright, so here it goes!


1) FNAF swap AU, in which Henry is the killer, his son Sammy tries to deal with his murderous legacy, while the Main Four animatronics from FNAF1 + Golden Freddy are swapped with the Mediocre Melodies (some people already did something like that, but I kinda wish there was more)

2) Nobody is the killer, but the kids die anyway due to whatever reasons: accidents & illnesses. Their souls return to the pizzeria where they loved to play once, where Henry and William discover them and decide to built animatronic bodies for them to possess (willingly, not forced). So the kids can have childhood they lost in their new bodies. Whether it was a good idea or not and where it will spiral is up to decide.

3) No animatronic is possessed, but they still kill nightguards because faulty machinery and programming. Children souls try to save innocent people, meanwhile wanting to reveal the circumstances of their deaths and bring justice.

4) Afton manages to kill only Charlie who later possesses Puppet, but soon afterwards he himself dies in a springlock suit accident (long before the original FNAF3 minigame should have happened). Now the two spirits will either confront each other or make up somehow.

5) Again, only Charlie gets killed by Afton; but she committs other murders while being the Puppet, making her little ‘army’ of possessed robots, somehow brainwashing them into thinking Afton is their killer too. Whether Afton and/or Charlie will be redeemed or not is up to decide. (This one is based on a really crackpot theory that somebody made. I don’t believe in it, but I think it’s some cool AU/fanfiction stuff).

6) No one ever kills anyone, and everything is fine. Yet some other, completely different conflict/accident happens in the pizzeria, and gets solved entirely differently.

7) Glitchtrap is not Afton’s soul or its part. It’s a tulpa made of those rumours and thoughts of people who wanted to continue Afton’s legacy (cue the cult thing). Meanwhile the real Afton is still tormented in Hell. Yet he gets temporarily released by the Celestial Bureaucracy so he can oppose his rip-off a.k.a Glitchtrap and thus get his parole/redemption and soul going to rest.

8) After FFPS Afton’s soul was trapped in… Heaven. So no one from the mortal plane can summon his spirit. Yet whilst there, he possesses no angelhood, and feels no comfort. No one beats or torments him, of course, but no one approaches to befriend him either. So he wanders lonely looking at everyone having their sweet time, slowly realizing that he himself is his own personal Hell. (Yes, I’m weird)

9) At some point, either after the first springlock accident where he got his scars, or after waking up as Springtrap in Fazbear Fright, Afton... loses his memory. Completely. He is utterly confused at what is going on and slowly but steadily tries to investigate what happened in the pizzeria and who could possibly kill the children... Only to find out that it was himself all along. How would it end? How would he react and/or will he be redeemed eventually?

10) A royal!semi-historical!AU where William and Henry are the kings of opposing countries and/or dynasties, and animatronics are either people or antropomorphic animals with some magical powers and stuff.

11) A steampunk!crossover of FNAF and Sherlock Holmes (either the book or the BBC one). Basically the Great Detective investigating the mystery behind FNAF.

12) After all his deeds and robotic & spiritual shenanigans a piece of Afton's soul possesses a... coffee pot that can be found in the VR location. Some time later in the future, for some reason, Coffee accidentally gets sent into the space together with the Derelicts (cue The Desolate Hope lore). So basically him fighting for the life of Sample 217 is his way/result of redemption. (Yeah, as I've already said, I'm weird).

13) In the novel verse, Charlie discovers that she is an android. It's a shock to her and everyone else. Two possible outcomes:

13a (light version) - Charlie gets a deep existential crisis, but at some point meets Dave/Afton, and he... comforts and uplifts her. That could be a slight comedy and/or experimental AU.
13b (dark version) - Charlie slowly loses her marbles (cogwheels?) and goes on a vengeful rampage, becoming a menace worse than Afton (probably killing him in the process).

14) Phone Guy isn't a human being, but is, in fact, AI. His voice is originally Afton's voice, who changed its sounding via some technical tricks. And the whole 'Phone Guy dies on 4th night' was just a set-up to make Mike strive for completing his week at Freddy's without him knowing that he is actually following his father's orders. Yet in time Phone Guy 'evolves' somehow and breaks free from his creator's control, perhaps, setting the events of the FNAF3 final cutscene.

15) Doubletrap AU: while Night 4 in SL Mike gets springlocked in a suit, bleeds out, dies, possesses the suit, yadda-yadda. In the meantime, his father becomes Springtrap just like he does in canon. What would happen if these two met?

16) Ghost children don't actually remember Afton killing him; and they even like him (like the books implied). It's the animatronics' AIs/programming/consciousness/soul that makes them furious over them being possessed; hence their night activity. Will they break free? Will the ghost kids know? Will the FNAF3 cutscene happen?

17) The Charlie trilogy AU but without TTO and TFC (note: I like them, but I just want to experiment with timelines). Dave/Afton dying completely and for good; but what would happen to Charlie and others afterwards? What if she discovers she's a robot? What happens if she releases Elizabeth, either accidentally or on purpose?

18) Slightly based on the so-called 'Indie theory'. That is, that the FNAF games within VR games are just games. Except that FNAF1, FNAF2 and FNAF3 are... not canon. They are just stories based on rumours about the pizzeria and its dark agenda. While FNAF4, SL, FFPS & UCN are canon/real. How will their and HW story be unravelled then?

19) In the post-apocalyptic future <s>yeah totally not inspired by the current events</s> the Earth is inhabited by antropomorphic animals (like in Zootopia and Sing! movies). A bear, a fox, a chicken and a bunny are co-owners of a pizzeria, which main attraction is robots built in the image of long extinct species - humans. At first the androids seem to be mere electronic toys, but the truth turns out to be much darker... (a sort of swap AU, in which the nightguards take the roles of animatronics and vice versa).

20) Glitchtrap/Malhare isn't Afton. But rather, it's an embodiment of an ancient demon/entity/spirit/whatever, that has always been hungry for child sacrifice. It would possess and brainwash a human, demanding them to bring children souls to it, in exchange of power/luck/money/etc. William, Jeremy from HW and Vanny are only three examples of many hundreds of those who were possessed by this thing during the centuries. Now it's up to Luis or whoever else to prevent the history from repeating for the nth time and defeat the demon once and for all.
(could be an extention of #7)

21) In the game verse, adult Michael Afton gets so sick and tired of everything in his life that at some point, before falling asleep, he wishes he was never born. Somehow his wish gets granted - next day he awakenes in a form of a spirit in the book verse (the Charlie trilogy). Here he himself was either never born, or a stillborn. His sister died pretty much the same way, and his younger brother (who got the name Michael instead of his dead older brother) was taken by child services from his father. He was put in an orphanage for a short while and then the Brooks couple adopted him. But, as we know, Afton still managed to snatch his younger son back.
Now, it this altered universe, it's up to spirit of Michael Afton to somehow connect with the other spirits (perhaps not only kids, but poor 'cannon meat' officer Dunn as well) and try to bring his father's evil shenanigans to an end.

22) An AU in which everyone is a bastard except William Afton. Not necessarily with any deaths happening; just everyone being egoists or stuff, while Afton being a skillful and talented inventor stuggling and longing for accepting him and his creations.

23) The whole FNAF universe (or multiverse) is actually a computer game/simulation/Matrix, and William Afton is the only ‘real’ person in it who is trying to break free; hence he pushes all moral boundaries, because why caring about an 'unreal' world and its people? FNAF lore actually happens within TDH in Amos' simulation before its deactivation. Eventually Afton breaks free from his 'home' and possesses a Coffee robot. But after starting his life anew, he realizes living on a space station isn’t a very freeing and happy life. Then goes the Sample 217 story arc and Afton/Coffee’s redemption; he get’s back into the simulation, but into a better one, and lives a better life in there.
(it's like #12, but with FNAF not being 'real').

24) An experimental/joke AU where everything is the same except William Afton is replaced with William Shakespeare, Henry Emily - with O. Henry, and Charlie - with Charlotte Brontё. Because why not?

25) An AU in which Phone Dude used to be a sly, lying and a manipulative psychopathic kid. He was the one who actually killed the MCI kids, but was never suspected by anyone except for Afton (a morally grey character in this AU). The latter was looking for some clues in the closed pizzeria, but ended up ambushed by animatronics, dismantled them and crawled into Springtrap out of fear, accidentally dying inside. 30 years later, as an adult, Phone Dude decided to built Fazbear Fright out of his twisted egoistic appreciation for his past 'deeds'. Now it's up to Springtrap, FNAF3 guard and kids' souls to expose their true killer.

26) An AU in which only HW is canon and the FNAF games within are just games. So their stories is just fiction and never actually happened... Until after some beta-testing Jeremy/Vanny/Security Girl/Luis/whoever else realises that the reality and even history around them is changing. As they delve more and more into the games lore, it becomes more and more real and changes the space-time continium, rewritting their history and transforming the ficitonal story of the Fazbear killer into the real events that once happened in the 80s. Can the story somehow be put back on track?

27) Again, a meta!AU where everything from FNAF is just a story... But it is crafted in a very distant futuristic utopia, where people learnt how to built a perfect society and live in peace. However, they regularly create and share dramatic & horror stories as a way of venting possible inner stress into fiction to prevent it from seeping into the real life. They call it 'project E.V.I.L.' - Equilibrium Violation Imitated Literally. FNAF story is a popular part of this project. All FNAF characters actually exist; the animatronics are advanced futuristic robots with their own conscience. However, they aren't really possessed. And Afton is a scriptwriter/movie producer/main actor etc. who is the head of this 'FNAF horror story' in the future (basically, he ia a local version of Scott himself).
The story can go slice-of-life way; that is, Afton thinking that his while the past world filled with real evil was terrifying, it also wasn't so boring as his own epoch. Or it can be a utopia turning into dystopia, with Afton (or anyone else) actually becoming evil.

28) A really meta dark satire AU in which FNAF characters break into our world and take vengeance on the most toxic fans/haters. Probably, tagging along with characters from some other franchises. Because why the heck not.

29) An AU in which William's personality is tuned down a bit, while Henry becomes more chaotic in time.
After losing his wife to a lethal disease and his two younger children dying, William gets jealous of Henry leading a happy life and kills Charlie just like he does in canon. However, the shock of his deed hits him, and in time he gets remorseful of what he had done, despite he can't openly confess it. Meanwhile Henry, devastated after the death of Charlie, his wife leaving him with his son, discoveres Remnant. Then he basically takes William's canon role and starts the whole killing-and-stuffing children saga, slowly going decent into madness. Can William face the consequences of his deed, team up with Charlie/Puppet soul and stop Henry?

30) What if William Afton we knew was never who he pretended to be in the first place? What if the original William Afton actually died when he got springlocked for the first time? And his 'surviving', villainous agenda and coming back as Glitchtrap was done by some outworldly Lovecraftian entity, that possessed Afton's body, took his memories and mimicked his personality to infiltrate human world for its twisted motifs?
Can it be banished/redeemed/the timeline rewritten/whatever?
Yo, guys, check out this journal A Bunch'a FNAF AUsInspired by TheGoldenAquarius and her journal full of AUs
Some of these AUs will be silly, some will be serious, some will be a bit of both. One thing's for sure though, they are most certainly interesting, I hope.
1.AU where the Nightguards (including Tape Girl because I need to use her more) end up in Animatronica. Tis not explained, they just end up there for some reason and have to get used to the new environment, as well as getting used to the fact that the robots they once feared are now cute and friendly and don’t want them dead. They also need to learn to fight to take on enemies like the Chop N Rolls, Mudpies, and a lot more with their moves and skill sets. Most importantly, however, they have to figure out how to get home.
2.AU where the animatronics get rubber skin and turn into those creepy androids, go out and attempt to thrive in human life. Obviously it doesn’t really go well, as the animatronics are kinda aggressive, they do try and make an attempt to try a
by :iconnyancreeperpony:, whom I inspired to also create some cool AU ideas! The more, the merrier!


That's all for now. I'll add more!
© 2020 - 2021 TheGoldenAquarius
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Wow! These are so different and wonderful. I too have a um...unusual FNaF. Fredbear and Springbonnie are 'alive' since Henry put a learning AI inside of the Springlock suits. I genderswapped William into Wilhelmina and she is not really the killer as she got possessed by her abusive Father. Charlie was actually killed by Vincent, the manager at Freddy Juniors, but she does not know it was him and was lead to believe it was Mina who up until this point, she loved like a Mother. Mina does take out her Father when she willingly put on the Springbonnie suit, knowing it would fail. And after all this, the Fredbear AI wakes up and after nearly 30 years and goes looking for his sibling. Oh and Henry is a bad guy, he is obsessed with having a good image and mistreated his AI animatronics and actually killed anyone the thought might have been involved with or knew things about the murders, including Mike and Jeremy the nightguards. Also...Goldie is in love with Mina and I ship them so hard! I titled it Behold the Machine. I am very proud of it!

TheGoldenAquarius's avatar

That's quite interesting and nice to hear! I'm proud of people cherishing their unique AUs.

Interesting take on Will/Mina; I like innocent!Will and villain!Henry AUs. As well as animatronics with personality.

AskError87's avatar
I think a lot of these are great, and I'll let you know if I make something with any of them : )

And number 8 though... and the coffee pot stuff... man...
TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Thank you! I'd love to see that.

And yeah, I love making such unusual/experimental AU ideas.
AskError87's avatar
Seriously, these are really, really good!
ExplosionMare's avatar
The #21 idea sounds really cool
TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Thanks! It's my current headcanon of how the canon books vs. games storyline split came to be.
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I have an AU where the characters are anthros and live out there lives like people. It still has some of the games story in it but only a little.

Here is Freddy, Goldie and Bonnie.

Anthro Freddy by Big-bad-Rocket
Anthro Goldie by Big-bad-Rocket
Anthro Bonnie by Big-bad-Rocket
TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Aww these are awesome! I love Bonnie and his guitar.
Big-bad-Rocket's avatar
I’m glad you like them.
TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
ExplosionMare's avatar
I want to see the Heaven/Hell one
TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Yeah, I'd love to see it too. I was actually slighly inspired by 'A History of the World in 10½ Chapters' by Julian Barnes, especially with the the last chapter. Don't want to spoil it in case you'd want to read, just gonna say it had a similar concept. And overall the book was very decent, to my mind.
ExplosionMare's avatar
Sounds interesting
TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Yes, I recommend that book)
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Damnit! I wanted to make swap AU and Nightmare!Swap

TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Go for it! Mixing AU types are fun!
Undertale fandom has galores of this, like swap!AU, fell!AU, swap!fell!AU, etc. So do Gravity Falls and Steven Universe.

The more AUs, the merrier! :)
Thespy56's avatar

Exactly! Undertale AUs inspired me to create Nightmare AU as FnaF version of Underfell

TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Yeah, I love your nighmare AU =)
Thespy56's avatar

I love it too but I didn't wanted to keep it as a simple copy paste of Underfell

TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
You sure didn't; imho, the idea of Scott (or Nightmare Scott in that case) is very original and awesomely executed.
Thespy56's avatar

Yes and guess whatl! I believe they live in 4th level of glitch from Fnaf World

Old Man Consequences used to watch them and be their keeper, but they eventually broke from their prison...

TheGoldenAquarius's avatar
Oh, yeah, I also headcanon this 4th sublevel to be Hell.

Although in my TES AU OMC isn't just a keeper, but basically Satan himself :p
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