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My Bio
Hi there, dudes and dudettes! I'm just a casual hobbyist artist from Russia))
Currently a FNAF-fan, running this group… ))
Call me Sonya, Ibis or Aquarius)

Rus: Всем привет! Я - просто рукожопый лентяй любительница порисовать на досуге, в качестве хобби))
Можете звать меня Соня, Ибис или Аквариус)))
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Favourite Movies
Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Sherlock BBC, Sherlock Holmes (old soviet version), Back to the future, Labyrinth
Favourite TV Shows
Winx, Shoebox Zoo, MLP:FiM, Gogoriki, Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century, Gravity Falls
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rammstein, Evanescence, Канцлер Ги
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Watership Down, Chronicles of Narnia, Herbert Wells' and Jules Verne's novels, russian classic novels, Frankenstein, The strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mister Hyde
Favourite Writers
those who wrote the books above)
Favourite Games
Sims, Five Nights at Freddy's
Favourite Gaming Platform
I still have an old Sega Mega Drive 32 bit))))
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Writing fanfiction (rus only) - check here:
Just a heads-up for all my mutuals. I assume most are aware by now that a terrorist attack happened yesterday in Moscow. Just wanted to say that I'm personally safe and sound, although shaken by this news. I'm probably going to make another journal regarding this and some other things later. Right now my mind is clouded due to stress. Take care, guys.
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So, here goes a Reddit post with the story of my FNAF live action roleplay and some photos =)
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Heads up: I'm still alive and had a wonderful birthday party last Sunday! Precisely, I've organised a whole FNAF-themed live action role-play and this was a total success. =) Gonna get the photos in a few days, will share some of them!
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I hope you had a Merry Christmas! ^^

hello there pal, long time no see, how you been?


I'm more or less okay. Still struggling to find a new job and doing some freelance part-time work.

Protector of debunked theories, eh?

I know that the Mrs. Afton possesses Ballora theory isn't exactly a debunked one, but would that count too? :0

Hmm, if I ever get back at this comic, I might consider that. Let's just say that the technical side of things wasn't quite kind to me recently. I get stuck at the next page lineart, because both my stylus and tablet started working wacky.

Ah understood! It's entirely up to you if you wish to use the theory after all, I was just curious is all given the bio. :0

It does at least make Mrs. Afton more important and subsequently Ballora in the process, which is like hitting two birds with one stone in terms of giving underrated and underutilized characters the respect and recognition they deserve by utilising them more properly and fairly, something this franchise's workers could learn alot about doing (including Scott, being completely honest with you here, as he has a track record of favouritism amongst his own characters), so it's always a win-win in my eyes plus the amount of wasted potential in characters like those two is so insane it's ridiculous beyond belief and quite disappointing, saddening to watch even, let's not even get started with the demise of FNaF World exclusive characters. :<

Sorry, I ranted a bit there, though considering how often I rant about things like this, there's probably no point in me saying sorry everytime because I will do it again at some point. ^^''

Oof that sucks :<

Terribly sorry to hear that.

I see you really like Ballora =)

Well, she might appear in HW2, so grand return on the way!

Yeah, I also wish some of the characters were used more. Like SB has a nod to Mr. Hippo, and I iirc there is a mention of Orville in the TftPP books. But no Happy Frog =( She's one of my fav characters (I like frogs generally), hence I gave her such a prominent role in the AU. Although it might be called favoritism on my part then...

And that's ok, I understand your concerns. Well, there is a Funko FightLine with FWorld animatronics ahead, and they hosted and AMA on Reddit recently. They said that if there is public uproar for a certain character, then they'll make it. So who knows, maybe some of your own faves will be made one day!