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Rey is my favourite Star Wars character and don't like the whole Marry Sue criticism in general, but I have to say that the hold my diet soda quote is funny

should have been hold my soy milk

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I liked some parts of the movie, but overall it was story/plot and detail flawed almost everywhere. Clearly they did not have a solid plan or story outline making it. It was all more image than substance.

This new trilogy basically copies the original and presented nothing new...:shrug: or :dunno:

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For me at the end of the day all the Disney STAR WARS films are just crummy fan fiction with a limitless budget. Just unwatchable.

Rey the most poorly written character in the history of Star Wars

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It's a shame because you can see Daisy Ridley giving it her all.

She's a fine actress...such a shame no one wrote anything for

her that was worth saying.

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Discovery had potential, but that ship was supposed to be in the past, not the damned future - that thing was advanced as balls. Also, why make up a group that's NEVER mentioned in the rest of the franchise, and the Klingons look like those ribbed dragon penises artists decide to draw for some reason.

Also, Rey had potential. Nobody gives at shit that she has a vagina, it's that she's an awful character, as is Kylo and everything else. The story is terrible, the characters are terrible and the director should be charged with war crimes. Instead of something new, they relied solely on previous movies, as if it was disabled and needed them as a wheelchair.

The new trilogy they'll eventually make [because money] better be directed by someone with a 100th of a brain cell.

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Couldn't agree more. For my money the new Disney™ Star Wars movies all feel like shitty fanfiction given a limitless budget with predictable results. Unwatchable swill.

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what about mandolorian?

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The Mandolorian is the one bright shiny spot in what has otherwise been an absolute catastrophe. I liked it but I'm not a fan of Star Wars as 'television'. I'd have liked it better as a stand alone film. At least it doesn't outright suck.

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