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This is without a doubt an impressive design, the only two flaws I see (Which might just be me) are the ribs look a little too small an...


So I found someone selling a bear skull on here, so I messaged the seller about it and we made arrangements. There were so many red flags that I ignored, now I've lost $200 because if this person.
Here's their DA page: Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-00-26-144 by TheGmodGirl

Here's their second DA page:
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-08-05-560 by TheGmodGirl

Here's their Youtube:
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-08-20-727 by TheGmodGirl

I was going to add a picture of the listing but she/he already removed it, but anyway, she/he was selling a bear skull along with a bunch of other taxidermy things. I messaged her/him about the bear skull.

Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-01-19-108 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-01-33-413 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-02-03-770 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-03-07-437 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-03-23-265 by TheGmodGirl
That's the first red flag, whenever a seller asks you to use the "Friends and Family" option on Paypal you know they are shady. I ignored that and sent the money through goods and services anyway.

Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-03-37-907 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-03-53-846 by TheGmodGirl

There's the first payment, here's the paypal transaction:
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-28-36-821 by TheGmodGirl

I got too lazy to message her/him whenever I sent the next payments, but here's the other transactions:
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-30-40-446 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-30-53-433 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-04-12-409 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-32-57-372 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-36-27-262 by TheGmodGirl

 And that was the last payment. "Spook-Crew" said that they would send the skull after the last payment, there's the last one, but where's the skull?
She/he kept ignoring my messages. 
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-36-41-459 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-04-28-024 by TheGmodGirl
 Hold up. What?
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-04-42-224 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-36-56-521 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-04-59-257 by TheGmodGirl
 The picture I sent was of the Paypal transaction for the last payment.
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-37-04-712 by TheGmodGirl
Then I lost communication for a while.
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-37-08-097 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-37-26-448 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-37-35-620 by TheGmodGirl
So I put in a transaction dispute with Paypal, that eventually got their attention.
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-05-19-568 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-05-36-059 by TheGmodGirl
As if that's my problem. I should've taken this time to dispute all the transactions, then I wouldn't have been scammed out of $200.

Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-05-53-750 by TheGmodGirl
Bullshit sob story.
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-50-14-018 by TheGmodGirl
For some reason I trusted that they would send it, so I ended one dispute for $50. 

Then I lost communication again for a while.
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-50-31-928 by TheGmodGirl
Bandicam 2018-01-29 15-50-41-207 by TheGmodGirl

Then I got one last message from him/her.

I got nothing since then, no messages, no updates, no skull. 
I still tried to message them but they never replied.

 Don't know why I bothered asking them for a refund, I knew the message would be ignored.
I tried to go through Paypal to get the 3 transactions refunded to me but it had been too long since the transactions were made so Paypal couldn't do anything.

If you scam people and do stuff like this, you are a real piece of shit.
Anyone that does this deserves to rot.


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Commissions now available
Hey guys, I've decided to start doing commissions properly. I'll do commissions for your custom monster or a different monster or your monster fighting a different monster (Like Godzilla). The prices are for one monster, Additional monsters cost a little extra. All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollar) Here are the prices:

Basic Black pen drawing: Free        ***$2 per additional monster***

Black pen with shadows: $5        ***$4 per additional monster***

Black pen with shadows and background: $8.50        ***$4 per additional monster*

Digital Colour: $15       ***$8 per additional monster***
Digital Colour with background: $18        ***$8 per additional monster***

Black and white realistic (Pencil): $20       ***$10.50 per additional monster*** 

Please send a very detailed description of your custom monster (If possible), things to include: Colour(s), Colour placement, Skin texture (Fur, Scales, etc), Skin placement, body style (Human, dog, etc), amount of legs and arms, amount of heads, length of neck(s), Spikes placement (If has any), Key personality (Aggressive, Calm, etc), What you want the background to be (If background requested).
You can see examples of my art style in my gallery.


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