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This place serves as a portfolio for myself. In the future, I wanna be able to scroll through here and see the growth in my art and my stories! As long as I'm happy and enjoying the process, that is all that matters.

a closer look at my ID: theglockforakitas.deviantart.c…

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Yang Branwen Xiao Long
Some RWBY fanart for ya.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Yang joined her mother? And was super pissed at Blake and is hunting her like a dog. idk it sounds like fun to me haha ;P

I've really been trying my best with my digital art hopefully my efforts are seen. I recorded my progress so here's a link to the speedpaint of this illustration:
Try your best to focus on the painting and not the random videos I played for background noise XD. I get bored if I don't play videos that entertain me while I paint so yea. 
Admiral and General - Illustration + Speedpaint
I am really going to up my digital art quality and I hope this shows it! So yea. Skylar and Akira for this one cause they have a good dynamic. I really took inspiration from RossDraws when making this. I'm planning to do fanart next! You'll see...

I also recorded my progress of making this (yes all 15 hours of it)
feel free to like and comment and subscribe.
Harper- Digital Illustration
I'm on a long break so you know what that means! "Improve while you can" time.
I just wanted to try pushing my digital painting to the limit (a total of 4-5 hours work on this in one sitting. good god). I'm actually quite pleased with this illustration right now! Hours and hours of research and watching live streams of japanese artists pay off. By morning this drawing will look like shit but oh well it's progress. 

So yea Harper. I should be working on her intro but I'm having trouble deciding whether this or that is better yadda yadda yadda.... I aim for this to be even better than Skylar's intro (not that it was great to begin with). As long as there is progress, the future will be great. 

Back to Harper. So it's still Pride Month June (i'm late i know) so might as well draw my lesbian oc. Maybe I should've colored this in a rainbow style... I'm not skilled enough to make that look good HAHA XD Anyways, to all my fellow LGBTQ+ and to all the Awesome Allies, I salute thee! Love triumphs all.

Done with Photoshop and my Intuos. 
Hex Maniac Yohane (Love Live Sunshine fanart)
Fanart for my favorite anime series, Love Live (yea the whole thing). Back when I was into another anime, Akuma no Riddle, I made a series of fanarts where I would match a pokemon with all the characters. I thought it would be fun to do this for the girls of Love Live but to make things more interesting, I would match them with a pokemon fusion instead of just one pokemon. 

Yoshiko (YOHANE) strikes me as a ghost/dark/psychic type user and after watching the episode where she tries to adopt a "lost dog" she names Laelaps, I was thinking it would be great if I gave her a dog-like pokemon.

So I have chosen to fuse Poochyena (dark) and Honedge (ghost). Poochyena is my favorite dark type and I think honedge just looks super cool....

When I get more free time I may continue with the other girls of Aqours and Muse. Till then, I am open to poke-fusion suggestions or maybe NPC suggestions to match with each girl. 
P.S. I suck at coloring so i made it grayscale lol

Anime review:

A while back I made fanart for Love Love, in the description, I typed out my thoughts on the show. Now that this is a fanart on the successor, Love Live Sunshine, I might as well share my short review on it. Is it better than the original? in terms of story, Sunshine's season 1 is better; however when it comes to season 2, the original takes the win. Sunshine's second season was ok, it had some pacing problems but yea overall it was fine. I never expected the second season to beat School Idol Project's second season anyways considering that it's my top anime of all time.

In terms of music, sunshine is definitely better. The girls of Aqours, in my opinion, harmonize better and have better singing voices overall. The songs of Muse kinda feel too generic. There are gems with muse though like snow halation but aqours really experimented with their music a lot and it paid off. We got EDM songs like Daydream Warrior, punk rock songs like Strawberry Trapper and Thrilling One Way, and other hits like my personal favorite, My MAI Tonight. No more listening to the banshee screeching of nozomi, the whiny hanayo and nico the rapper (I love them but damn they need to have their vocal cords to be blessed by the holy spirit). 

Character? I prefer Muse more than Aqours. Maybe I'm biased but I like muse as a group more, the members are easier to sympathize with plus they seem to be closer. In fact, Aqours had a whole episode tackling how the 3rd years are so disconnected from the 1st years; meanwhile, you have muse whereby the end of the 1st season they're practically one big happy family. 

Despite all this, Sunshine is worth the watch. It's got better drama and it was much more complex than the original. Nothing beats the simplicity of the original series though. 

P.S. If muse does not show up in the Sunshine movie I will flip my shit. 
Winnie and Haru Simplified
This was an exercise for my character design. Winnie and Haru are two characters that are constantly compared to each other so i wanted to depict them in a way that I can accentuate their vast differences by grossly simplifying them. I'm actually quite fond of the geometric simplified style so this was actually really fun. I highly recommend doing this as a way to explore character designs. I used the guidelines from this post: (…) by Tato. I highly suggest checking out the post!

It's obvious that I have been drawing a lot of art for Winnie recently and that is probably cause she is the character I have fleshed out the most. But then again, it's not like anyone would care my dA page is basically just a place I can post my progress when developing my stories, nothing more nothing less!


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