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In the UK, August 17th and In the US, late September.


Mybook4 by thegiven32

I'm currently in search of new models.

I'm beginning a new area of my work, new style, new direction and with that, I would like to use fresh unseen talent. This is strictly a TFP project, and models must be HWP. There are various new concepts that I'm working on, as well as a few areas I intend to stick with. A plus is models who can do their own makeup amd hair. Yes, being comfortable nude is a plus, since 90% of the images will be nude or semi. I'm more then willing to work with models who are new to the art, as well as seasoned talent. Age? 19 to 50. The downside is that I need models who are in my area. So if you live around or near Kansas City Kansas, or Kansas City Missouri, then drop me an email either through DeviantArt or

Feel free to browse my work here, as well as my main websites, and (these websites are in the process of being rebuilt)

Sorry guys!! The models I need are strictly female.

K R Tracy
Just wanted to thank everyone who has been so very nice since I joined this morning. It's nice to be with an art sharing site where everyone is extremely friendly. I have always known about DeviantArt but had never taken the time to really look over it. Did the Model Mayhem and One Model Place thing, and honestly had mixed results with that. I've also explored facebook, and while it does seem to get my work out there, the judging of content and fb Gods yanking your work at anytime tends to sour my outlook on it. So on a whim, I simply signed up for Deviant. I am very glad I did. You guys have some solid lifers here who just love to show their work and I respect that. I have also taken the time today to explore other artist and what they do and now I am more then sure, I've found a very cool place to be. So as my first journal entry, just want to say that I love what I see so far. Let me get some drapes up, furniture in place and more work put up, and we will see where we go from there.

K R Tracy