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nYEMAH DREW THIS by thegirlwiththedisxl nYEMAH DREW THIS :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 7 8 Flower selfie by thegirlwiththedisxl Flower selfie :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 24 13 Ice Cold by thegirlwiththedisxl Ice Cold :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 10 10 title by thegirlwiththedisxl
Mature content
title :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 18 7
Commision: Penraser 1/80 by thegirlwiththedisxl Commision: Penraser 1/80 :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 39 12 Kirb by thegirlwiththedisxl Kirb :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 2 6 Spongy the stalker by thegirlwiththedisxl Spongy the stalker :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 17 5 Lightbulb by thegirlwiththedisxl Lightbulb :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 16 2 WIP by thegirlwiththedisxl WIP :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 8 12 A Flower by thegirlwiththedisxl A Flower :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 15 28 Angelfish by thegirlwiththedisxl Angelfish :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 12 17 TROC 1 by thegirlwiththedisxl TROC 1 :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 1 6 Eraser Doodle by thegirlwiththedisxl Eraser Doodle :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 43 40 Lol I'm Right by thegirlwiththedisxl Lol I'm Right :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 28 13 Sing with Me by thegirlwiththedisxl Sing with Me :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 25 16 Matsuda by thegirlwiththedisxl Matsuda :iconthegirlwiththedisxl:thegirlwiththedisxl 8 17
Lots of different shit in here.
I have a ton of folders for different shit too.


Shantae HGH by OmegaSunBurst Shantae HGH :iconomegasunburst:OmegaSunBurst 38 4 :A Staff: by OmegaSunBurst :A Staff: :iconomegasunburst:OmegaSunBurst 29 3 Best Friend by kianamai Best Friend :iconkianamai:kianamai 866 85 Loveless by kianamai Loveless :iconkianamai:kianamai 964 119 Stocking and Ashley by vaness96 Stocking and Ashley :iconvaness96:vaness96 176 16 Trivia 66 Thumbnail by kitkatyj Trivia 66 Thumbnail :iconkitkatyj:kitkatyj 8 5 Poison Powder by Eaglestar12 Poison Powder :iconeaglestar12:Eaglestar12 5 0 Shovel by Eaglestar12 Shovel :iconeaglestar12:Eaglestar12 5 0 Magolor Crown by Halgalaz Magolor Crown :iconhalgalaz:Halgalaz 95 94 Risky Princess by OmegaSunBurst Risky Princess :iconomegasunburst:OmegaSunBurst 602 77 Nerve-wracking by Anigirl5 Nerve-wracking :iconanigirl5:Anigirl5 15 2 SWED by XanyLeaves
Mature content
SWED :iconxanyleaves:XanyLeaves 70 99
Hella rad art by hella rad people.



[ ] You carry a mirror everywhere.
[ ] You carry beauty supplies everywhere
[ ] You put others down.
[ ] You flaunt or brag about yourself.
[ ] The only topic that interests you is you.
[ ] You don't listen to others problems.
[X] You wear booty shorts. (*beauty shorts)
[ ] You wear makeup. 
[x] You enjoy attention.
[/] You like to do things YOUR way and YOUR way only.

TOTAL: 2.5

[/] You feel negative about your body image.
[x] You don't have a lot of money.
[ ] You don't have good grades.
[x] You're insecure. 
[] Your living conditions aren't the best.
[x] You cry a lot.
[ ] You are bullied.
[X] You've never been in a real relationship or have been in a bad one. ((Lol 2ugly4that))
[x] You don't attract all the girls/boys. 
[x] You think everyone else has a better situation.

TOTAL: 6.5

[x] You eat a lot.
[/] You always get more than what you need.
[x] You always have snacks around your house.
[ ] You drink a lot.
[ ] You always have a granola bar or something in your purse.
[x] You hide food.
[] You binge-eat.  
[x] You are normally warm.
[ ] You can crack a lot of your bones.
[x] You often say, "I'm starving....". (Me after I eat lunch)

TOTAL: 5,5

[ ] You are very sexually active.
[ ] You have had three or more girlfriends/boyfriends.
[x] You wear matching underwear.
[ ] You wear a lot of makeup.
[] You have fetishes.
[] You have looked up porn. 
[x] You are a fan of Yaoi/Yuri.
[/] You have '"fantasized."

TOTAL: 2.5

[X] You have not had a real relationship.
[ ] You go to anger management classes/used to.
[ ] You have to take special pills.
[/] You are aggressive.
[/] You hate someone. 
[X] You have hurt someone - physically or mentally.
[x] You back-talk people.
[x] You have gotten detention before.
[X] You get into fights - verbal or physical.
[/] You are strong.

TOTAL: 6.5

[ ] You often buy things.
[x] You WANT instead of NEED.
[x] You have expensive things. (do electronics count?)
[/] You put yourself before others.
[x] You can tend to be a little rude.
[ ] You don't try to save money.
[ ] You own more than two cars.
[ ] You own more than two credit cards.
[ ] You always have to look the best.

TOTAL: 3.5

[x] You don't do gym in school/ don't try in gym.
[ ] You don't have the best grades.
[x] You procrastinate.
[ ] You go to bed at ten p.m. 
[] You often take naps.
[ ] You fall asleep in Meetings.
[x] You're often called lazy.
[ ] You don't participate in class.
[/] You do the minimum amount of work.
[] You seldom go to church/school. (church... seriously? x'D)  

TOTAL: 3.5

  • Listening to: various songs from my youtube playlist
  • Reading: chatzy
  • Watching: Steven Universe and II2
  • Playing: Nothing, actually, not till i get smash
  • Drinking: Tropicana Juice


little stuff like this
Rnega by thegirlwiththedisxl 
Takes the longest. Looks the best tho. Costs alot, but rest assured you'll be pleased.
its rly hard to come up with a humanization considering im probably sucked dry of them. 
........ but still feel free
Oc's are included.


thegirlwiththedisxl's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
United States

HELLO DARRRRLINGS~ My name is Takijah (Tuh-Key-Yuh), although i prefer to be called Kia, since its easier to pronounce right off the back. I dont really want to continuously Type the pronounciation.
I enjoy Watching shows and playing video games, though i dont draw those things a lot. Im REALLY REALLY into bfdi right now And theres a ton of that all up in my gallery at this time. Forgive me for the inanimate objects ^^;
-------more stuf------
I'm black. C:
I have sisters
I Play video games
Humanizations are fun
something you must know:
Dont come at me with no bullshit now. Its like pissin off a gorrilla.

------------ Buttons Showing my interests-----------
<a href="…>
BFDI Fan Button by Goanimate909

Coiny Fan Button by Thegreenskyofbfdi
Match Fan Button by Thegreenskyofbfdi


Some friends
:iconartbloqued:- HER ART. I JUST. I really look up to her in the art category for 2 reasons.1: her art is perfect 2: There's a high chance she's taller than me, considering she's older than I and that I'm already short for my age
:iconlililuvsyhu:- This gurl. Got problems. But THAT is why I love her. (She's teaching me the ways of Penraser. I'mscaredbutintrigued My IRL bestie friend(Now somebody that i used to know)
:iconpokeythestupe:- We do the RP thing. We are each o4ther's rp slave.( Shi ish sho gret gais she need's every deviant who ever lived to watch her shi's dat gret)
:iconh2t0m0:- Him. He is Yes. My other RP slave. And check his art. Its really improving
:iconthebrownielikeluigi: My other IRL friend. My first bestie. We used to do little shows in her room and perform them with no script we just go with the flow. We are still besties. And i love her forever improving art.
:icontadashiraiden:- Knifecraphone. She is the reason I ship it. It's adorable. And she writes MGA, and she writes well!
:iconiris-surprise:- We sit in from of our computers Squealing at Erasers all day. Shes into homestuck so go. Go look at hte art
:iconbuzzy-queen-bee:- She's like my little sister. Annoying, but doesn't really mean it. She can find a way to relate ANYTHING to BFDI. Sadly she deactivated because someone VERY BOSSY told her to. Being her older sister i told her to never interact with that person
:iconuxie126: My Other OTHER RP slave. We also do the flipnote things.
:iconibfsm:- Knife Knife on the Knifecycle. XD I havent heard from him in a hot minute tho..
:iconsmileeme34:- I Need Her writing skills I NEED THEM. she's good at ruining my childhood by giving me Mario creepy pastas to read.
:iconjamal7868: Really really weird person. In a good way. He's hilarious and can somehow read my mind on certain occasions
:iconsweet-n-savvy: Mysistermysistermysisterrrrrr she lives in florida just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~! And we married so she the bae.
and her art is beautiful too! also she's my rp slave.
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IQ Test
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What Hetalia Nordic Country are you?
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Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
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