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We will never be of the same age again
I always felt like
I was going to die
yet, as years go by,
I'm slowly losing this bet
I've made against myself.
So here I am
living -
still doing things for the first time
like eating sushi,
meeting people,
new places
every time
I live something for the first time
I think of you
and how your list
of first things
is never going to grow out
to be more than it was
last november.
The first bite of cake I had
after you died
was the worst.
the small things
while going on living
felt unfair
to you,
but month after month
I learned to let go
of the guilt.
I've folded the memory of you
and hid it in my heart -
I often take it out
and leave it in the sun
to make sure the dust
won't settle on it.
You're still here,
even though you're not.
You told me
you liked my poems,
I'm sorry this had to be
the one written about you.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 9 12
Your teeth cracked
against my bones -
there's something
in being so greedy
to feel whole again,
I whispered
to myself.
I didn't even blink
or shudder.
You see,
I was a mountain
of all the never-ending stories
that I got to live
with people who felt more like
than anything else.
A mountain of unfinished... everything -
You should have known better:
mountains never quiver &
it's the anything unfinished
that ruins us
in the end.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 10 12
In a world of chains
In a world of chains
he's hushing his pace away,
but nobody hears the sound
of him living -
everyone carries on singing,
with each step,
the music of their past.
We all live dragging chains around -
the trick is to remember
that we once knew
how to dance
the music of silence.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 9 9
Haiku #3
I let myself go
as my skin dropped to the floor -
no place left to hide.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 9 9
Haiku #2
I silently smile
at the sight of my own heart -
the monsters all sleep.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 7 2
Haiku #1
I can barely lie
under my skin anymore -
too much life within.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 10 7
H i r a e th
I am carelessly running
into things that remind me
of you.
Being here,
inside myself,
has never felt safe -
I am slowly walking
on the tip of my toes
hoping I won't bump
into memories of you;
You're made of a nostalgia
I'll be feeding on with hunger
and I won't stop,
I can't stop
until I'll wolf
everything down
to the last
could have been.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 6 20
To all the men who didn't see me for what I was
Tornadoes never make good shelters -
but he doesn't know that.
So he tries to find
refuge inside of me,
he tries to build a home
out of my bitten bones
with a porch swing
made of whatever
left-over love
someone forgot to take back.
He wants me to be a safe place
to hide away
from a troublesome summer,
but I am not made of light,
and I am not made of beginnings -
everything about me
is a never-ending ending.
Tornadoes never make good shelters -
and he will soon know that.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 26 14
The skin never forgets
I'm wearing your fingerprints
and I know
I'll never be naked again.
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 23 8
How do I get to live
when you're my Achilles heel,
my Achilles ankle,
and shoulders.
You tell me,
how could anyone ever survive
to such an absolute takeaway
of themselves?
:iconthegirloftomorrow:TheGirlOfTomorrow 8 4
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Anca-Ioana Sandu
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm 26. I sometimes write poetry. Mostly in Romanian. Rarely in English. I also create blackout poems using English or American novels.

Personal Tumblr
Blackout Poems Tumblr

I live in Bucharest and sometimes in Brașov. But also in some other places you cannot find on a map.


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Would you mind explaining me what exactly you mean by that? :D Just to make sure I fully understand the concept.
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Hey, La mulți ani! :rose: Îți doresc multă sănătate, baftă în toate, prosperitate & afecțiune. De asemenea multe împliniri & bucurii alături de cei dragi :)
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și tu! :) :hug:
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Your work is enchanting and has mesmerized me
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Thank you for your kind words! I am sorry for the late reply, I have been pretty absent lately. :)
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