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Alright, so I love D&D, and one of the things I love the most is building the worlds for it. At the moment, I am building a world to end all worlds. It is known as Korhase. I'm not anywhere close to being done with the map, seeing as how I am doing everything. I am naming everything. I have a huge piece of paper with all of the mountains, rivers, forests, swamps, valleys, cliffs, deserts, hills, etc. And then I go through and name every single one of them. I have a little over two hundred named so far. I have yet to go in and place and name every single man-made thing as well. I'm going to create a map of the whole world on photoshop, then do a separate, smaller one of each of the countries so as to list the names of the smaller things. I tried to make a map high quality enough that I could go from a world view to the view of a general town, but my computer crashed. *sighs* I have fifteen different civilizations living in Korhase, each with a different culture. I am writing up a total of around twenty pages on each of the races. It's taking a while. A bit longer since I'm only writing when inspiration comes, and that is unpredictable. It's feeling nice though, build such a well-formed and realistic race, all while hiding my own little easter eggs in the names and traditions. I am not going so far as to actually develop a language for each race, however, I am naming their things with a general feel for how I think their language would sound. After I'm done with the cultures, I'll build a decent timeline, then do a picture for each of the different races and give you some info on them. You can already see my one for the Halfling. I may alter it later on, but it's there for now.

Either way, world building is what drives me, it's what inspires me.