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Tutorial: Custom Raised-Relief Globe
If you are a worldbuilder or mapmaker working at a global scale, it can be helpful to have an actual globe to guide you. If your world is an alternate Earth, then you are in luck. You can go to Amazon or troll the thrift stores and garage sales for a cheap globe of the Earth. All done.
For the rest of us, the globe we need cannot be found in any thrift store. So we make our own.

The above is an 8 inch desktop decorative globe I bought at a furniture store. Globes run for about $15-$30 at stores, or cheaper if you can find them used. What you want is a sturdily built globe with no raised relief.

Accuracy is not important. Any out-of-date borders and countries will be slathered over with a couple coats of gesso. Gesso is a type of acrylic paint that creates a toothed surface that can be painted on. You can buy it at any art store in bulk for pretty cheap. It's a good thing to have around.
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Design a country work sheet
For those people who needs to design their own world.
This is a form I will use from now on to help me design it faster and more complete.
original from: droemar's journal
Edited by mayshing 2010
Colors: (An example would be red, white, and blue)
Symbol: (An example would be stars and stripes.)
Location, geographic:
calender measure (time table): (Does their calender go by the moon, or sun? Or other planets?)
Races: (The races that inhabit the area, whether or not they're native.
Physical: (The ethnic description of your race: skin color, hair color, builds, dress)
         Preference to fashion and beauty:
Weather patterns: (Tropical? Stormy? Cold? Earthquakes? Climate in general?)
-how the weather influence inhabitants behavior, travel
        Major river and lakes?
        Any construction
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Alright, so I love D&D, and one of the things I love the most is building the worlds for it. At the moment, I am building a world to end all worlds. It is known as Korhase. I'm not anywhere close to being done with the map, seeing as how I am doing everything. I am naming everything. I have a huge piece of paper with all of the mountains, rivers, forests, swamps, valleys, cliffs, deserts, hills, etc. And then I go through and name every single one of them. I have a little over two hundred named so far. I have yet to go in and place and name every single man-made thing as well. I'm going to create a map of the whole world on photoshop, then do a separate, smaller one of each of the countries so as to list the names of the smaller things. I tried to make a map high quality enough that I could go from a world view to the view of a general town, but my computer crashed. *sighs* I have fifteen different civilizations living in Korhase, each with a different culture. I am writing up a total of around twenty pages on each of the races. It's taking a while. A bit longer since I'm only writing when inspiration comes, and that is unpredictable. It's feeling nice though, build such a well-formed and realistic race, all while hiding my own little easter eggs in the names and traditions. I am not going so far as to actually develop a language for each race, however, I am naming their things with a general feel for how I think their language would sound. After I'm done with the cultures, I'll build a decent timeline, then do a picture for each of the different races and give you some info on them. You can already see my one for the Halfling. I may alter it later on, but it's there for now.

Either way, world building is what drives me, it's what inspires me. 


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Sean Rogers
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I've only been anything of an artist since around early 2015, mostly focusing on maps for my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Really, aside from the enjoyment I get from it, world building for DnD is what really pushes me forward.


I'll do a damn fine job on whatever you want.


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