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I was sent to the Teacher-Student softball game to take some pictures. I was all over the field taking pictures. I ended up with around 35 pics. I picked these 3 cuz they're the same person during the same set of pitching. Out of all the pictures I took today, prolly the third one in this collage is the best. There is DEFFINETLY another amateurish collage coming, it's just a matter of when. Comments always appreciated, and I'm not sure about full view, so why not check it out?
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this picture is AWSOME. is there any way you could blend it together so it looked like it was three of the same person standing next to... himself? that would be great.

welcome to psa. i can tell you're a great addition to the crew.
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I was thinking you used burst mode to get this, but no you just spend a lot of time taking pictures. The three really match well together. It's looks like the guy has real concentration, waiting for the right ball and hits homerun on the last. Well done :)
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The last frame is a good one - great expression of concentration on his face. Next time move yourself around a bit to keep distracting background - like the girl - out of the shot.

Without the girl in the background that last frame could be excellent with everything cropped from the waist down. The expression on the teachers face, the movement of the bat and the ball flying out of shot would be a very strong image. The first two are too similar in pose. But for your school mag - it's fun to put three of them together like that.

Nice work Ghost, thanks for putting some of your school stuff up :)

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Thanks Ian, especially so quick too.

Now, the girl in the background. Not much I could do about her. I either risked getting smacked in the face with a baseball bat or ball, or sacrificed some of the angle of the shot. Plus when you're in the middle of so much action, you try to take as many nice action shots as possible, and don't care too much about the background. Plus, if I woulda pressed the shutter button a nanosecond earler, she would have a tennis/softball for a head, just like ~feef said.

I put the 2 shots together because those were 2 different pitches and he stayed almost unmoved. Hence the title 2 and 0, meaning 2 balls and 0 strikes. Plus I like how he goes form almost innanimate to major-league stance. I shall try my best to get it in the yearbook, but sadly, we don't have much space for individual events.
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Whee! the sand is so meldy. It's funny, it almost looks like the first 2 are the same picture. Last one? Great action. If you had it milliseconds earlier the girl in the background would have had the ball as a head... " I've got a head like a ping-pong ball, I've gotta head like a ping pong ball...."

Prettyyyy cool. I would try making it more... collagey next time. Tilt the pictures to show the edges, stuff like that.
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Strike one.....


Nice shot
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