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Ben Jr. meets clar + music by hyperslinky Ben Jr. meets clar + music :iconhyperslinky:hyperslinky 2 2 The George and I by MoofyKitten The George and I :iconmoofykitten:MoofyKitten 2 12
Life is Like a Clarinet
Life is a lot like a clarinet. You've got your ups and your downs, highs and lows. There are the seemingly meaningless days of the throat tones between F and B flat. There are the high notes of days full of worthwhile risks. Then there are squeaks where everything seems to fall apart in your face. There are stunning crescendos and monotonous mezzo pianos. Major, good days; minor, bad days. A complex system of keys and holes to cover. So many choices due to alternate fingerings; some are better than others. The soft, calm days of the chalumeau register. Some days you're in tune, some days you sound like a dead goose. Yes, life is like a clarinet. It'll always turn out right in the end, just like the beautiful final note in a Carnegie Hall solo.
:iconamyoftherealm:amyoftherealm 31 25
Tuba playing Kitty by MoofyKitten Tuba playing Kitty :iconmoofykitten:MoofyKitten 10 16 Curvy Clarinet by Vidnel Curvy Clarinet :iconvidnel:Vidnel 7 9 Take that American Pie by foxfurswiftwing Take that American Pie :iconfoxfurswiftwing:foxfurswiftwing 2 7
It was a tense moment. The crumpled up piece of paper we found on the hall floor was very disturbing to us, disturbing that these people would accuse us of such things as this! This was ridiculous. I could feel my eyes narrow. A crowd had gathered around me by this time. "What's it say?" someone asked nervously.
" 'There are no questions that the band geeks are aliens trying to infiltrate our school system,' " I read. " 'They break down complex coded messages and speak a language that is half English and half something no one has ever heard. They are able to function with little or no sleep. And perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence, have you ever seen one act in any way that could be believed as normal? Show me a normal band kid, and I'll show you a million dollars.' "
There was a silence broken by some smart-Alec. "Where do we collect?"
"Well, I guess our secret is out," I sighed, crumbling up the paper and throwing back to the floor.
Yes, I was being sarcastic. But the accus
:iconamyoftherealm:amyoftherealm 5 4



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United States
Current Residence: Wouldn't you like to know

:iconvidnel:, :iconmoofykitten:

In the band so far... (We had to remove anyone not on devart by request cause they backed out :shakefist:)


Clarinet~:iconvidnel:, :iconabrahamlincoln:, :iconslrfirestorm:, :iconamyoftherealm:, :iconanntjuh:, :iconsaturnkitten:

Bass Clarinet~:iconflymonkey14:, :iconpinky08:


Alto Saxophone~:iconblind-faith:

Trumpet~:icontheechidna87:, :iconrabidpidgeon:

Trombone~:iconthisishell:, :iconmemopad:



Guitar~:iconmonterssuck: :iconkillavrilnow123:

Electric Bass~:iconkyvek:

Ocarina~:iconchaucer:(also piano)


Piano~:icongloryangel:, :iconvaltanzi:




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SkullsandHeartbones Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, oh oh! *jumps up and down* Can I be your third Bass Clarinet? ^^ Pweaze?

That reminds me, I need to practice for Region Band. *scuttles off*
Seiyosa Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! Look at it:

Oh! The hilarity!

Just look under the T's. I already got you both on Facebook, but I made a comment here, just in case.
RandomNigel Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2007
How shalt I pick?!
I play clarinet, guitar, and piano!
Pick for me!
DrawingIt Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
I'll join the piano gang :) if you let me in :o
DrawingIt Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
Lol okay nevermind this is a really old group :o Didn't notice ><

Who am I talking to anyway? Bah.
VolensVivarium Featured By Owner May 14, 2006
Do you have room for a college clarinet dork?
SilenceSpeaks Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2004
C'mon no violists?
We accept all instruments. Would you like to join?
gramdaman Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2004
Hey, just a random question, but how good is your Alto Saxer? I'm trying to figure out how good i am, is he like a pro soloist, or is he a one ime sheet reader, or a practice sheet music to death, never deviate from the notes kinda player?

Sorry for not answering for such a long time! If you're looking to join, we accept anyone of any skill and level. I don't know how well our alto sax does cause... well to be frank we've never heard them play. But most of us here are just in highschool. We do have a professional trombone player lurking around here though...
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