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this is we make art picture with the 4 genie team girls
Ellie Mindy Amanda & Sally
and don't forget everyone must make
some genie art about ellie and her friends.
all members can some art for the genie team.
1. no nude photos for the genie team
2. no bad comments
3. no dead photos
4. only make genie team arts for your ideas
5. you can only uses what artwork you choose
6. request only
7. if there's any ideas for the genie team send a comment
8. everyone is aloud to use any member of the genie team that you want to barrow
9. make sure you ask me before you make something
Founded 8 Years ago
Oct 23, 2013

North America

Group Focus
Art Creation

56 Members
78 Watchers
54,861 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Genie Chloe S8 by grantgman
The Genie Team S0 Episode 50 by Manie1234
The Genie Team S0 Episode 49 by Manie1234
The Genie Team S0 Episode 48 by Manie1234
ellie craft
Genie ellie (mighty morphin red S8) by grantgman
Genie Idol, Onpu Segawa by luchia59156
Genie ellie (dino fury) by grantgman
Genie Ellie (godzilla Mode) S8 by grantgman
mindy winson
Genie mindy (mighty morphin blue S8) by grantgman
Genie Mindy (baragon Mode) by grantgman
Genie Mindy (Beta Smash) by grantgman
Genie Mindy S8 by grantgman
amanda gamez
Genie amanda (mighty morphin black S8) by grantgman
Genie Marina Koizumi by luchia59156
Genie amanda (dino fury) by grantgman
Genie Amanda (biollante Mode) by grantgman
sally cassidy
Genie sally (mighty morphin yellow S8) by grantgman
Genie Sally (gamera Mode) S8 by grantgman
Genie Sally S8 by grantgman
2 New M-gems and Meeting a Free Spirit by Sentai199
Genie karen (mighty morphin white S8) by grantgman
Genie Karen (Delta Rise Claw) by grantgman
Genie Karen S8 by grantgman
Genie karen (ninja storm) super samurai by grantgman
reanne griffith
Genie reanne (mighty morphin green S8) by grantgman
Genie Reanne (mothra Mode) S8 by grantgman
Genie reanne (dino fury) by grantgman
Genie Reanne (Gamma Future) by grantgman
Juliet Kojuro
Genie Juliet S8 by grantgman
Genie Juliet (in space) by grantgman
Genie Juliet (time force) by grantgman
Genie Juliet S7 by grantgman
mint wada
Genie Mint Season 6 Sketches by grantgman
Genie Mint S8 by grantgman
Genie mint (turbo) by grantgman
Genie mint (operation overdrive) by grantgman
elsa bowersock
Genie  Supportrice de Foot, Elsa Bowersock by luchia59156
Genie Elsa Season 6 Sketches by grantgman
Genie Elsa S8 by grantgman
Genie elsa (Beast Morphers) by grantgman
mirabelle haywood
Chef de Gang des Djinns ou Genies, Aiko Sendo by luchia59156
Genie Bonnie S8 by grantgman
amy gamez
Genie amy (dino fury) by grantgman
Autumn Harrison
Genie Autumn S8 by grantgman
Genie Rini S8 by grantgman
Genie Rockna S8 by grantgman
Dorie goodwyn
Djinn de Feu et de Vent Affame, Doremi Harukaze by luchia59156
Genie Jacqueline S8 by grantgman
Genie Thunderella S8 by grantgman
Genie eliza (mighty morphin pink S8) by grantgman
Genie Melissa S8 by grantgman
Genie Melanie S8 by grantgman
Penny gadget
Genie Penny S8 by grantgman
Genie Gloria S8 by grantgman
the genie trio
Genie eden (R.P.M) by grantgman
Genie Tail Serena by studiodraw
misty waterflower
Genie misty S8 by grantgman
Genie May S8 by grantgman
Mallow's Lamp by grantgman
Genie Lana S8 by grantgman
Genie Lillie S8 by grantgman
Genie Anabel S8 by grantgman
Genie temacu S8 by grantgman
Dawn Sketches by GodzillaFanKM14
teacher jeannie
Jeannie by FaGian
other genie
genie Koneko by grantgman
the genie scout
Genie Molly by grantgman
friends of the genie team
Zarrah Gamez by grantgman
evil genie
Genie Giselle by grantgman
The Genie Team S8 Episode 65 by grantgman
scene of the genie team
s4 episode 22 dragon wars Part 2 by grantgman
The Genie Team Movie 8 Heroes United by grantgman
request commisson and art trades
Genie Penny (the Rescuers) by grantgman
transformation pics
power up's
The Genie Team (main Charaters S3 Power Up) by grantgman
ask ellie
Ask Ellie 1 by grantgman
magical items
Special delivery to the Genie Team From Sentai199 by Sentai199
genie's magic
Ellie's Magic by grantgman
ask the genie team
Ask The Genie Team (second update) by grantgman
Genie Aki Sketches by grantgman
genie keepers
Genie Keeper-bonnie by grantgman


ask ruby the genie by danshooter246 ask ruby the genie :icondanshooter246:danshooter246 32 28 ruby the genie by danshooter246 ruby the genie :icondanshooter246:danshooter246 46 10 Commission For Tautha by Fokk3rs Commission For Tautha :iconfokk3rs:Fokk3rs 94 1 Genie Cuties by SomePkmn-LovingDude Genie Cuties :iconsomepkmn-lovingdude:SomePkmn-LovingDude 13 4 Samus Aran / Shantae spirit (smash version) by metal1416 Samus Aran / Shantae spirit (smash version) :iconmetal1416:metal1416 62 23 New Genie On The Block by Mileymouse101 New Genie On The Block :iconmileymouse101:Mileymouse101 22 1 Genie Wendy by angelchibivocaloid Genie Wendy :iconangelchibivocaloid:angelchibivocaloid 13 5 Sailor Moon Arabian Nights by KasumiAngel Sailor Moon Arabian Nights :iconkasumiangel:KasumiAngel 101 25 Egyptian Anzu Wallpaper by AnzuAngel Egyptian Anzu Wallpaper :iconanzuangel:AnzuAngel 122 5 Egyptian Dancing Anzu v.2 by AnzuAngel Egyptian Dancing Anzu v.2 :iconanzuangel:AnzuAngel 374 20 Belly Dancer Dawn by MegatronMan Belly Dancer Dawn :iconmegatronman:MegatronMan 116 5 Were you expecting a Snake? by AfricanPrincess981 Were you expecting a Snake? :iconafricanprincess981:AfricanPrincess981 133 24 Jasmine, Alice and Raskolnikov by madmoiselleclau Jasmine, Alice and Raskolnikov :iconmadmoiselleclau:madmoiselleclau 705 96 commission 4 Mat-the-Legend by hikariangelove commission 4 Mat-the-Legend :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 280 53 Livestream Genie Dancer by drantyno Livestream Genie Dancer :icondrantyno:drantyno 69 5 Maridah the Genie by SozokuReed Maridah the Genie :iconsozokureed:SozokuReed 289 36


ask ruby the genie by danshooter246
ruby the genie by danshooter246
Commission For Tautha by Fokk3rs
Genie Cuties by SomePkmn-LovingDude
my little genie
Belly Dancers of Equestria by ZellyKat
Trixie of the Lamp by KP-ShadowSquirrel
[Request]I Dream A Twilight by MrMario
Genie Sunset Shimmer- Humanized by annasabi101
genie the big blue lug
Genie by YouCanDrawIt
Genie by Artlyss
.: Genie expression - 1 :. by ASinglePetal
.: Genie expression - 3 :. by ASinglePetal
eden the green genie
Eden by DandinFreeLands
Eden by XDNobody
Disney Genie Bottle Papercraft by Tektonten
Eden - Disney Girls Collab by RM-Keyblade-Mistress
request from friends
The Genie team S2 by LordZerotheMighty
Serena meets genie team by LordZerotheMighty
The Genie Team by SomePkmn-LovingDude
Request #5 by polkadotlover123
Shantae Half-Genie Hero by XUnlimited
Shantae by FernalRed
Shantae magicass by wulfsaga
Shantae by Vinyl-CoRe

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Meet Robbie Bunny and Alan Cat
Robbie Bunny Drawing (My Furry Pal)
Alan Cat Drawing (My Furry Friend)
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