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Omnitrix Malfunction

Ben messes with the watch again, and it scrambles the DNA of the trio and everyone in Bellwood, swapping everyone's genders around. Poor Kevin can't catch a break from Ben's shenanigans...
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Ben: I'm Sorry Gwen, It Was An Accident, I Was Trying To Fix Everything..

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Kevin: And Look What Your Watch Did To Us!..

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Gwen: It's Okay, Ben.. We Know You Didn't Mean To That.. We Jusr Have To Figure A Way Out Or This Mess What The Omnitrix Made..

You ever watched American Dragon Jake Long?

A tg sequence leading up to this would be cool

Could you send me the link with the one where kevin was groping ben

There's a sequel pic like that?

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They have switched souls and changed genders. Well, not Ben. The Omnitrix does that sometimes. So Ben is now in Kevin's body and his body is now a woman. Kevin is inside Gwen and Gwen has become a man and Gwen's soul is inside of Ben's trans self. Oh no! It's just like those two body switching episodes again!
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Wasn’t there a follow-up to this with Kevin groping Ben?
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May I do a story about this?
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So gwen because a trans girl and Ben becomes a hooker? #SeemsLegit
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A nasty hooker, yeah.
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*owl faints by disgust* :icongs_stompedplz:
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Awesome piece :) And Ben turned out lookin' fine;)
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Ben is kind of hot in this. Kevin is cute. Gwen??? Can't really say. Not sure about that one.
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Why is everything better genderbent XD
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The female versions of Ben and Kevin (WOLF WHISTLE)!!!!!!, also could you maybe do a sexy pinup of the female Ben and Kevin
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