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My Bio
Oh! Hello! Didn't see you there! Welcome to my DeviantART page! This account used to be dedicated solely to Steven Universe, hence the name GemMaster, but now, it's kind of an anything page now. So, i'm sure you're expecting a full Bio, right? Well, unfortunately, I'm a bit too lazy to type up my life story, so i'll give you the highlights.

I am a fanatic for music, video games, cartoons, movies, and pretty much any form of digital entertainment, and I can be quite defensive of my tastes so please forgive me if I act adversarial at times.

I am a Radial Egalitarian, i think ANY AND ALL people are equal. How equal? Well my philosophy is: "It doesn't matter what your race/gender/religion/nationality/etc. is, NONE of that will save you from a nuclear bomb." I also believe the only true equalizer is death, so it's pointless to discriminate.

I am a christian, but i'm very lax about it. I believe in creation and Adam and Eve and all that good stuff, but I also believe in the Big Bang, Evolution. Essentially, I believe God was the one behind EVERYTHING. I believe that he created the universe through the Big Bang, and humans through evolution etc. Basically, I'm a christian, but you would think I'm an atheist unless i told you.

(It should also be noted that i'm not good with words and I ramble a lot. Like right now)

I have a big "you get what you get" attitude, so I absolutely despise SJWs. I'm also not a fan of the far right, but I am open to debate. I am NOT, I repeat NOT a feminist but I believe fully in equal rights for BOTH women and men. I also think ALL Lives Matter, (YES THAT INCLUDES BLACK PEOPLE).And it baffles me how people get called racist for saying something Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say.

I fully support gay marriage and LGBT people.

I am Pro Guns.

I Respect Other people's opinions. (Like I said, go ahead and debate me. But Please forgive me if I'm adversarial. I'm very defensive.)

I believe in forgiveness. I'd forgive anyone for anything and I will not hold a grudge. But, I still do get angry, and I also believe in punishment.

I am radically anti-censorship. NOTHING should be censored for ANY reason, and I would gladly revolt if someone ever violated the First amendment.

I am a staunch defender of Innocent until Proven guilty. so no, I will not listen and believe. I am a skeptic.

That should cover it for now. Have a great day! Or Night! whichever is better!
And don't forget:

When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.


FIMFiction: Temporarily Down


Favourite Visual Artist
Rebecca Sugar, Gerald Scarfe, Pablo Picasso, Tim Burton, Jhonen Vasquez, Raina Telgemeier......
Favourite Movies
Edward Scissorhands, The LOTR series, Terminator 1 & 2, Deep Impact, SpaceBalls, Pink Floyd The Wall, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Star Wars Saga, Up, Inside Out, Tommy......
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe, Over The Garden Wall, Invader Zim, Making Fiends, Rick & Morty, Pre Movie Spongebob, Dan Vs, Adventure Time, TAWOG, MLP FIM...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
(Pretty Much Anything Really)
Favourite Books
The Martian, Ready Player One, The Great Brain Series, I Am Ozzy, Iron Man (Tony Iommi Autobiography), The Hunger Games Trilogy, 1984, Harry Potter Series, Animal Farm...
Favourite Writers
Jeff Kinney, Stephen King, J.R.R Tolkien, J.K Rowling, Ernest Cline, Suzanne Collins, George Orwell, Andy Weir.....
Favourite Games
Too Many to List...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Xbox and PS4
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Keyboard (Musical and QWERTY), Bass Guitar, Regular Guitar, Sibelius, Musescore, Rytmik Ultimate...
Other Interests
Space, Art, Music, Anime, Video Games, Broadway (Hamilton and Les Miserables in particular.), World History (18th, 19th and 20th centuries specifically.), World War I, Trains, Zeppelins, Planes, Poetry (To an extent)...

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Thanks for the watch! ^-^
That PFP is amazing

No problem I love your art!