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While I've managed to save up enough for a belated Merch Drop in August, I'd like to try something a bit more complicated and hopefully more interesting while also saving money for my health.

The saving will start in August 2023

- NEW: As of the 30th of June, I lost my phone in the river with no way of retrieving it. Total cost for a new one is around $280 so this has to come first. Whatever I have left will then be used for health and merch will simply have to wait for now.

$35 saved out of $500 needed


Here's methods you can do to help me out:

Commissions /// YCHs /// Assets

Merchandise and Cheaper Commissions on Ko-fi

Monthly Support for as low as $2 on Patreon - Even assistance from me on YOUR Project is also available

Thank you to Villain, Rottie, Rilee, Slendy, Flik, Carson, Aspen, Xeno, and Xana for your support!


Currently also trying to grow my community so I can offer more to my supporters and work toward helping other artists in need of support:

✔️ Tier 1 UNLOCKED: Monthly Sketch requests are now available to ALL tier patrons!!

🔒 Tier 2 LOCKED: Unlock this tier at 25 patrons!

🔒 Tier 3 LOCKED: ???

Current count: 10

Help to unlock more rewards and goals at PATREON

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-- ⚔️ Commission Information (Closed til 2023 w/new prices) -- 🛡️ To-Do List

--🐲 RumHawk Cafe Discord Server (mine)

-- 🌈 Patreon -- ☕Ko-Fi -- 🐤 Twitter -- 🎨 Picarto Livestreaming -- ☄️ Tumblr (I'd have a link above with the other little symbols, but apparently DA doesn't think my tumblr really exists and I definitely am not typing in the wrong address)

-- 🗡️ Portfolio : using carro

-- 📚 Parallel Rift webcomic

November 11, 2022 Until further notice, I will be using the sites above as my main locations to share content and I will be prioritizing Discord and Patreon above all else. I have removed nearly all my artwork from DA and it will not be returning. If I ever feel safe here again, I may start posting but I will be very hesitant and reluctant to do so.

I'm sorry if this causes inconvenience to anyone, but I must look out for myself and my clients.

Thank you for understanding

Original account: FireLeopard

(no longer have access to that email, thus cannot delete the account. Just just enjoy my pre-digital years if you ever visit that account. It's rather cringe, but it is what it is. All true artists have to start somewhere)

Parallel Rift pg 177 up live: Also, new Spooky YCH arrives Sept. 27
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Spooky YCH Auction coming soon!
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Parallel Rift pg 176. Read here:
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