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What programs do you use?

A: I use Manga Studio 5 with combination with Clip Art Studio for animations

What do you use to do your Traditional stuff?

A: I use a combo of Prisma colored pencils, ink, acrylic paint, and watercolor

Can I commission you for a digital or traditional work?

A: Of course you can! Just ask and see any recent commission information

Where can I view the Status of my Commission?

A: You can view it here:

Can I make a request?

A: I do welcome suggestions and requests, but do not feel hurt if I choose to not do it

Do you enter Contests and such?

A: On occasions, yes. It has to have a good offer and by a trusted member for me to potentially join. I also usually wait till several entries have been submitted so I know the contest has potential and is being taken seriously by others as well.

Can I use your artwork/ characters for Roleplays and such?

A: Please don't! A lot of the artwork here is of characters owned by others. Those that are mine, I prefer it to stay that way. However, I am often open to random roleplays with you and with me playing as my own characters. This also depends on how busy I am.

What happened to the older comics I see in your gallery?

A: currently all comics are on hiatus, unless I make a public statement about them or others regarding further information, updates, and so on.

Can I repost your artwork?

A: YES! Just make sure to have proper credits and either leave a link to me somewhere or make sure I am tagged in it

Can I ask you to do Commercial Work?

A: Yes. I often do work for online games and various companies. Please email me at: for a full inquiry. Though do let me know what the art will be used for, how much of it you will need, and a preferred reference to the desired art style. Prices for commercial usage tend to differ from normal commissions.

Did you go to college? Or an Art School?

A: Yes I did and graduated back in 2013. I will not recommend it for everyone, but overall I did have a good experience and spent 3 years there with numerous other artists and enjoyed learning how to live on my own, deal with strangers, and overall get inspired by art every day. Yes, I do owe money from attending college, so commissions and work are very important to me in order to pay these bills.

Do you belong to any ARPG groups? Are you interested in any?

A: Yes, I belong to a few, but the work I do for them is in spurts.

Commissions and Patreon

Commission Information Below:

Click the image and scroll through the comments to see what slots and times I have available. Thank you!

For a cheaper way to support my as an artist, I highly recommend my Patreon for just $2 a month as that gives you access to early comic pages AND early access to YCHs and Adopts. Plus, it would make this little nobody really happy :3

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(OPEN) 2022 Commission Information

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