Avengers x Forgotten Reader Part 4.

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~(Y/N)'s POV~
I shouldn't have yelled at them like that. They did rescue me, but I don't want to be just another tool they wanted to get stuff done. I should apologize later. Oh well. I went to my "office" which was just an old room no body wanted so was gracefully bestowed onto me as work piled up. Paper work turned into mountains since I was last here. I'll work on the light stuff first and then go and work on the more physical jobs tomorrow after a little rest.

I pull out my trusty pen and start to writing. They were easy to sort out into groups: Mission reports, sanitary checkups, bills (yes even the tower had bills to pay), maintenance supply orders, entertainment bills, taxes, and insurance coverages. Looks like todays work is laid out for the day. Hopefully lunch can get squeezed in before it's forgotten.

~~~time skip with a awful back pain~~~

I've been at this for awhile and I have only gotten 3/5 of the paper work done. I feel so tired, but this has to get some of them are extremely late. Maybe I can put some of the bills through JARVIS and have him take care of the bills and supplies. Yeah supid why didn't you think of that before?!

"Hey Jarv? Think you can take care of some of the bills?" I wait a few seconds before the most beautiful voice comes. "Yes it would be my pleasure Miss.(L/N). Though I do think you should get some sleep." I give the ceiling a skeptical look. "No can do Mr.Roboto I got finish this tonight so I ca-*YAWN*-n catch up on other chores tomorrow."

I pick the pen back up and start working again. Tomorrow I might have to face the team and I don't think I'm to prepared for that so paperwork should help while I think of what to say to them tomorrow. So I keep working into the night until the words on the paper slowly blur out , my eyes get heavy, and my world slowly fades to dark.

~~~Tony's POV~~~
I look at the clock in the workshop to see it's 3:00 AM. Well looks like the right time to start heading to bed! I close up shop for the night and start heading to bed. Bruce left me early at 1:00. Some days I swear he has no dedication!Today starts to go through my head (Y/N) waking up and soon yelling at us. Did we really mess up that bad? I hope the extra help will at least get her to look at us. I didn't see her anywhere when I went up for lunch(mostly to see if I could apologize), but nowhere in sight. Maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow.

I almost reach the end of the hall when I see a room with the lights still on."That's weird everyone should have gone home by now." Heading to the office I see a familiar mop of (H/C) lying on the desk inside. The computer next to it scrolling through what seems to be... taxes?

"Hey JARVIS how long has she been here?" I look at the girl worried. That chair can not be comfortable for the back in the morning."Miss has been here since her arrival at 10:00 AM yesterday sir." so that explains where she was all day. I head over and pick her up bridal style. She's still extremely light from her time going MIA. 

"Ummm JARVIS does she have a room here?" I cringe at the statement. How do I not know if someone like her has a room HERE! "Miss.(L/n) does indeed have a room sir on floor 42." I get to the elevator and get to the floor. It looks very barren compared too the rest of the tower's floors."JARVIS is anyone else on this floor?" HOLY SH*T THE TV SCREEN IS WHITE FROM DUST!"I believe it is just Miss.(L/N) on this floor sir." Jeez even JARVIS is giving me a cold tone I need to tone his sass down some time.

I move to the room that is the most inhabited and lay the girl down. She looks a lot more peaceful than the lifeless, pain filled face I saw when we rescued her. I really hope we can fix this. I don't want to let anymore people down. I failed so many people already I don't want (Y/N) to be another one. "Night JARVIS"
"Goodnight Sir tomorrow is another day."

"Night (Y/N) please forgive us."
Thankyou for being paitient with me! I want to post more and hopefully I willWaaaah!, but thank you for reading and waiting. Please leave suggestions for what you want to read, and leave suggestions for other series I should write about EVERY SUGGESTION HELPS! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!Love  
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If you ever need any assistance I shall be here to help!

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Can't wait for more! Keep up the good work :)
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Just wondering if this is gonna be continued or not. Would really appreciate if it is, but I do get that life gets in the way.
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Dis a good series. Plz continue good person. (If you want to dat is)
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Wait they gave the reader that much work and not gave her everything and the reader did the right thing to yell at the Captain I can see it the reader yelled at each and every one of the team in the morning telling them how she feel and yes throw tears and it will be painful for the team yes but they need to hear it all of that work can kill someone and I know I use to be like that and now my free from it. I can go on the computer for a long hour and write stories again without taking them with me so that I can watch kids I use to be a babysitter, a person who watch kids when the kid's parents went to work or went somewhere else too. But still good and heart fill story this is what everyone should read the most too. X)
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plz I ned an up dat
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Please update soooooooooooon
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This is a really good fic. Do you know if you are going to keep posting for this series?
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Part 5??? I really like this..
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Hey are you going to contuine this?
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I am so ready for the next one.    
 ...You are doing another one, right?
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