100 beautiful 'Social Networking' works of art

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Hello all, :)

Why the title? Because this art feature accompanies an article about dA becoming a 'Social Network', like the 'others'! Can't give you a url because I'm going to put it up and it is going to have a url to this. So you see, I have to put this up first without knowing the url of the one I'm going to put up in a few minutes. :pills:

Look for 'dA: A Social Network site?' in the 'deviantART, Inc. Hot Topics' section:


I didn't organize anything in any particular order. Sorry. So just enjoy the art alright? Also, I didn't want to look for 'real quotes' like I usually do, so I made up my own. :B

Enjoy yourself. Go let them know if you like and what you like. They deserve it. :)

So, for my first saying:

"If it weren't for art, I'd have to get married."

SeveredFragmentsOfMyBeing 2 by Jesar Blue by MoOnshine90 CrabApple01 by horstdesign Tribute to Breast Cancer by HomeBass the dreamer by quemas the sideshow, piece 1 by lydiahudgens flower of fire by utopic-man Diamonds in the Sun by Lilyas Literature 1 Large by james119 White noise by leenik Los Cuernos del Paine by Ian-Plant study of a demon by ceruleanvii

Mature Content

Forest Creature Wide by Isidora
:thumb177638937: Profil by Twins72 Keeper of the Forest by Yue-Iceseal:thumb127332819: apple juice by imamon

Mature Content

Subterraneus by lollypoppunk
Caged 1 by BellaU White Whisper by rabatz Reason to Believe by Oer-Wout Namibian Eden by hougaard : w a v e s d a n c e : by Immerse-photography Moscow-river by Furaudo screams by mauank Give Me a Blank Stare by GabrielleBrickey duality by JuliaDunin Korean love by gtako Memoir by thefifthorder American Horse by wolfman007 Petri - zombie killer by Ap6y3:thumb158854805: Golden Falls by Davenit:thumb177251746::thumb175164471: nell'acqua by agnes-cecile Serenity by LovelessEnd Dont burn your life away by leonardoviotti up by arbebuk Rouge by armene

"Art is full of awesomesauce."

The Shining Mirror by Inebriantia Call Me Japanesa by IngoSchobert 'The Fall'
We are falling from the top of a thousand storey building.
The girl to my left dreams of flying.
The guy in front can only feel the wind in his face.
I mostly contemplate the concrete below.
We get distracted by the occasional passage of birds.
On the horizon clouds gather in marvelous shapes. I smile and tell them about it. They look and smile back at me.
Abruptly the horizon disappears.
The concrete is soft and welcomes us.
And nature celebrates our Fall.
Ru by nilgunkara:thumb204471678: . . : Calm : . . by AdARDurden:thumb204061609::thumb203975054: Prize - Yuuko by irenukia Corfe Castle Mist by SebastianKraus phenomena..... by VaggelisFragiadakis Don't eat me by zardo A simple Coexistence... by JJohnsonArtworks Paris:The barge and the bridge by Graphylight Portal by jim373 Cubic Spherium by EricTonArts Alabaster Icosasculpt by Kaeltyk:thumb197002317: The Family Tree by nosurprises together by lishtar:thumb204991149::thumb204749117: Siberia by Togman-Studio:thumb78514932: Rejoice by PinkParasol envoyer par terre by jumana-b Feu d'artifice by Fant0me The Seer by MichaelShapcott Agrigento by GreeGW queen by 22zddr the black sun by 22zddr Fraustfire by KainApophysis Melt the Ice by Zueuk love is the message 2 by BLACC360 Rising Formation by Beesknees67 The ScreenStylers - Mitsubishi by Jakusa1:thumb77599775:

Mature Content

EVA -Ethylene Vinyl Acetate- by free0ne
Don't Speak.. by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Wet dreams on open waters by alltelleringet The Spirit of the Forest by SmolderBone Fly grandma original by CindysArt Out of Control by HDRenesys Music is my Boyfriend by rlhcreations Something Old by VicEberly Perception... by LaxmiJayaraj Whichever Way the Wind Blows by vacuumslayer mindscape by hypnothalamus Nous. by kittysyellowjacket :: Withered Shades -II- :: by nexion Ferrari 612 GTO -2 by Samirs:thumb59253840: A B A N D O N E D by deekay156 Gidincik by incisler Creation Of The Moon by goran-d Ad Infinitum by CrisVector:thumb152146048: Samurai Spirit 7 by Artgerm Semiramis by justeline Reach out by EliseEnchanted

Mature Content

Asscent Nude by HDRenesys
I am what I need by santiago-simple :boy: by MustafaDedeogLu

"Only a true artist can stand on one toe."

errors in corrections by bitterev Shanghai Blade Runner 2011 by xMEGALOPOLISx The Station of Light by jpgmn:thumb202305122: I m m o r t a l by Consuelo-Parra:thumb205238520: 5474 by KariLiimatainen i'm always here for you by mohdfikree Morning Romance by DanielZrno The King by svarci Old Boat At Heaven by Hassan9 F98 - To Eternity by markus71:thumb59081639: Mountain Meadow Fog by joerossbach Cold and Alone by MarcAdamus Dissonance by DavidBenoliel watercolours. by simoendli:thumb199193791: Bee hind by raijinnathan:thumb195480240: Tickle attack by MonsterBrand Something Else... by HDRenesys 2-18-49 by T-Thomas t - r - e - e by T-Thomas Gryphon by hungarou Argyreia Nervosa by Minzile:thumb177256682::thumb162574319: Towering Fort Bank by redwolf518 displaced by Moon-Willow Ira by bonbonka 3-02-61 by T-Thomas .:Legends Of The Sea:. by Miarath Dragons Breath Pistol by CyanideJack Rainy night on Ice Cold Ocean by marthig Golden Chaos by PR-Imagery Sumatran Ikat by zweeZwyy Spiral Clouds by Synnabun Fallen Angel by Egil21 Hierve El Agua by karikaiyuk Lizard by MK-NI Red Maple Helicopters by Moon-Willow

"My parents are both gay so how the :censored: did I happen?"

Hope you enjoyed the wonderful work. Give them all some love please. They worked hard, or got lucky, whatever. :paranoid:

lots of dA love,
also :iconshakelinkplz:
© 2011 - 2021 TheFulkrum
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Hi admin., requesting to share this in here, plez :)..
Get High Quality Stock Photos at Crestock
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not QUITE sure what you're doing to me but...:)

I honestly wouldn't share these pieces ANYWHERE OUTSIDE dA!! Some of the artists might have very strict comments about their work being shared outside dA. So beware...

I shall take no responsibility for your actions because I'm a :censored:! Thank you very much. :laughing:
nikla-1's avatar
I am hoping a good % wants to sell there artwork. The artwork here is incredible. Not to mention the artwork on the link I added is incredible too.. they can buy or sell art there. I was asking for permission, from admin..
peace out.
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????? what r u talking about?????
nikla-1's avatar
W0w, fantastic artwork. U guys ROCK!!!
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Thanks man, awesome selection!!!

Salve :beer:
TheFulkrum's avatar
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you wrote this WHEN? :rofl:

sorry bro!


Salut! :beer:

btw, I know I forgot your B-day somewhere in there soooooooo, Happy B-Day bro!! Hope you have the best of years to come. :manhug: Tell me what puberty feels like to you ok? :rofl:

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Thank you so much for the feature!:)
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justeline's avatar
Thank you so much for including my work in this fantastic feature! :hug:
TheFulkrum's avatar
not a problem at all :)
the-suns-moon's avatar
nice feature <3 *runs on a faving spree*
TheFulkrum's avatar
THAT'S the way! ;)
BaronAutumn's avatar
Your features are always wonderful, and thank you for yet another eye-popping, jaw-dropping extravaganza of colour and visual brilliance.
But, and this is a very selfish question, why is there never any literature?
TheFulkrum's avatar
That's not selfish at all. :)

It takes less time to look. Simple as that...it's a shame to have to admit it, but that's that. If 3D life allowed me, I would look all over for wonderful Lit. pieces.

But it takes me long enough to see beautiful things. To read beautiful art would take so much longer. It's not the effort that I'm not willing to put into it. It's just the time that I don't have. :)

You're right. This really is wonderful work. And here's what you can do: do the same for literature. :) Honestly, if you get the time to read and take notice of wonderful pieces of literary work, grab it, collect it and share it with us. I'll gladly help in putting it up here as well.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed the work here. I'm sure the artists will be as well.

...not a selfish question at all.
BaronAutumn's avatar
That's very true - literature takes analysis and examination to fully understand its beauty, otherwise it's just words on a page in a pattern. Visual art is a lot easier. You can look once and be blown away, or you can gaze forever and still not see every bit of beauty.

I see it as a selfish question because i'm primarily a poet here, not a visual artist, and have always had very little talent for visual art, as well as lacking the time/patience to improve myself. But I will try to do the same for literature at some point. :)
TheFulkrum's avatar
"You can look once and be blown away, or you can gaze forever and still not see every bit of beauty."

well said and very true:)

here's another suggestion:

Link any of your pieces you'd like to Link, to some visual piece :)

a photograph that might have inspired? a traditional painting that might perfectly convey? :shrug: Eh! All sorts of fun stuff.

And yes, do. Please do that for the Lit. community as well. I'm saddened by the fact that we don't have enough time to do that. When you do, make it big, make it known, let as much of dA enjoy it as you can :) Good luck and keep in touch :thumbsup:
AdARDurden's avatar
I am Truly Honored to have been included in this Amazing Feature !! So Many Stunning works here !!! Thank you so very much !!! :hug: :)
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