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Holy sarsaparilla this was hard! I was not the smartest person and didn't save this as the right file, so the line work was attached to the background... Not the best for coloring or selecting. But I fixed it.

Shutter Speed: :icontails-155:
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Alright, critiquing another work got me to thinking I should give such critiques for the things people made for me this last weekend:

The general setup is very good. I'd work on the concentration-tongue if you use it again, typically concentrating, a tongue sticks out to the side, less to the front. I thought it was a cute touch, don't get me wrong. :) The shape of the face is slightly narrow on the pony, nothing exaggerated, just something to consider. The coloration is fantastic, and I appreciate the idea of a motto and I LOVE the cutie mark. The shading, and the coloration is great. I'd point out the left hindleg is a bit flat shading-wise, but other than that and the same on the forehead, I see nothing of mention. The background is simple, as it should be for such a scene (especially without really being paid for it) but it still has integrity.

Vision: **** -- You took "I do have an OC that I would enjoy seeing drawn." and created a piece with quality and sincerity.
Originality: *** -- It's kind of unfair to have to rate on originality for fanart. Your style, however is unique and personal. Just always keep practicing!
Technique: **** -- Your work does justice to the character, and other than the shading issues and possible face-narrowness I mentioned, I find the work fantastic.
Impact: ***** (skewed) -- I'll always have a bias for a work I commissioned or requested, I'll always have a bias toward pieces including my two favorite ponies. I can't give a rating other than this.

Overall: **** -- I am very appreciative of you taking the time to make this for me! C:

Thank you thank you thank you! :iconaawplz:
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Not a problem! Requests are fun! 
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Looks great, though! Just to be sure, he's got his tongue out like he's concentrating, yes? XD
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Yes. That was the idea!
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Okay, just confirming that, then! Thanks so much! ^^
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