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The Loud House 90s AU Kenan And Kel

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The Loud House 90s AU!

Kel X Orange soda OTP!
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holy fucking shit this is amazing one of my favorite nick shows ever this is amazing. in the land of filth known as the loud house fandom you are the best one. thank you

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Damn now this is a blast from the past. amazing work btw

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Can you do the other All that cast members like the ones that aired at one of the Universal Studios theme parks?
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Oh there it goes  
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From where I live, Kenan and Kel is also airing on the Trace Vault.
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thats pretty nice art of kenan and kel
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"who loves orange soda?~"
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All that reference appreciated.

Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, what'll be?
Orrrraaaange Soda!

Love Nick, and Coolio doin' the openin'
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Kenan: So you mean to tell me, that we're now drawn like characters from The Loud House?
Kel: Hey, I guess so man.

*Kenan tries to hide his anger under his breath*

Kenan: Uh, Kel?
Kel: Yeah, Kenan?
Kenan: WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Now if only we can get the rest of the All That cast on there...
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Ok now I wish they do a Loud House/ Kenan and Kel crossover

I mean they already did one with Legends of the Hidden temple
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Though they've long since broken up, just imagine if these two Did guest star in Loud House!
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Kenan and Kel could have had an animated series.  Good job drawing them that way.  Now do the original All That cast drawn in the Loud House style too!  
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Who loves orange soda!
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Kel loves orange soda!
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Mmmhm! I DO I DO I DO-OOO!
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