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The Human World

Luz brought Amity to the human world for a small vacation XD
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Reminds me of a sonic ship… specifically Tails and Cosmo.. this one scene where Tails stutters that Cosmo is beautiful but Cosmo thinks he said that the stars are beautiful hehe

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How can this couple be so...adorable? So inspiring? So...powerful?



i love these dorks so much


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I love how Amity’s shoulders look like they can cut glass XD

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As of this post, I've seen 13 episodes of The Owl House. When will I get to the point in which the shipping fuel for Luz and Amity reaches its peak?

season 2 episode 5

Around 15, 16 & 17

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frickin luz don't you realize she likes you

Kiss her, you blockhead!

"Oh, wow, Earth"

*sees all the bad stuff happening in earth right now*

Amity: " :oops: "

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guess Luz can introduce Amity to her mother if their in human world

Universe fusion, i want that, they need stay together

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They do need to stay together. But there are ways besides redoing one of the worst finales I’ve ever seen.

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Adorable. Let's hope the earthlings won't freak out and try to dissect Amity. That would spoil her vacation for sure.

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Ok,I am definitely NOT a fan of gay shipping because all of THAT,and the shippers,mainly them,would make the characters they want to ship themselves look as weird and stupid AF.Honestly,I used to think that Lumity is just as bad as all the other gay ships out there,but then I realised why hate?Why do I even care?Those two weirdoes are in love and all we can do is accept it,and plus,the MAIN THING, is it’s canon!

This is so cute it's almost sickening.


Luz, you are an oblivious darling and all, but you are still OBLIVIOUS!!! Amity, hold strong, one day she will be yours!

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Aw, so beautiful ^v^

( Me and Henry saw her blushing just on the left side, standing 10m away from them )

( Me starts texting Amity )

Me : Amity,I know you're blushing...

( Amity replies back )

Amity : Hey ! I don't want her to know that I'm in love with her !

Me : I know Amity,but you have to confess to her,or else it's too late.

Amity : I'll do it later but not now ! Also how did you saw me blushing ?

Me : Look to your left.

( Amity looks left and saw us waving )

Amity : Oh,I see...

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