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Lily's New Friends

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Lily's got some new homies! Loud House - Lily jamming to some tunes Loud House - Lily has a question 
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I like this picture.

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Lily makes a fun addition to the gang.

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Awesome crossover. The Loud House in California with the Rugrats. Luna babysitting Lily along with The Rugrats.
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RP with :iconleegriffin0:

*90s AU RP*

*It was another beautiful day in Royal Woods. Today, Luna was babysitting Lily, while everyone else was out for the day. Luna volunteered to be on babysitting duty, mostly because Sam was out of town for the week.*

*Lily was out in the backyard, playing with her toy Reptar (her toy dinosaur).
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*Luna smiled at this.*
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*Lily was still playing with her toy Reptar.*

Luna: *off-screen* Hey, Lily! I brought some new friends for you to meet!
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*Lily looked over to where Luna was. There were two infants around Lily's age with her. Luna had one in her right hand, and the other was holding Luna's other hand.*
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Lily: *curious* Poo-Poo?
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*Luna walked over to Lily with the two infants.*

*The one in Luna's hand had small hairs on his head, a blue shirt and a white diaper. The other one had red messy hair, blue glasses, freckles, a blue and red shirt with Saturn on it, green shorts, red and white sneakers.*
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Luna: Lily, meet Tommy and Chuckie.
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*Tommy, in Luna's arm, waved to Lily.*
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I used to watch this tv series when i was little :love:
Very nice drawing, your style of chuckie and tommy was cute!
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Lily seems more aware of what's going on around her than Tommy...he only thinks he knows what's going on in the the time that he thought that he ended up in a mirror world.
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Can you imagine Lily meeting Angelica. She's not going to put up with her at all. 😂
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But if Lola came up to Angelica Lola would knock her out because she's twice as old as her and she's more manipulative!
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This is so cute, and Lily's design is adorable! With Luna around, there's no way these three tots will get in trouble.
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Really awesome work on this! I especially love your design for Luna and Lily. Very adorable! :D
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Please tell me that there could be a Hey Arnold crossover!
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Or at least a Doug crossover.
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Classic Nickelodeon meets Modern Nickelodeon.
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So that explains why Luna's dressed like she was at a Nirvana concert
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Excellent crossover Luan ready 
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