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Leni Explains It All

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BTW I will be doing one more 90's pic, then I will be starting the 1930's AU! Does anyone here want a 30's AU?
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She looks like melissa joan hart
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From where I live, Clarissa Explains It All is airing on the Trace Vault.
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If you do the 1030's au, how would they react to the War of the Worlds radio broadcast by Orson Welles in 1938?

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PLAY (1991-1996) by BWE4
Gossip IconLeni's new show called "Leni Explains It All" got high ratings for the first episode and her family are ecstatic!
Miscellaneous IconShe's currently abroad to promote the show in the UK on Blue Peter. See if you'll find her then.
FAST FORWARD (1991-1996) by BWE4
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Yep but I wanted more 80s stuff, including Lincoln wearing an MJ inspired outfit.
And Luna wearing an 80s Freddie Mercury inspired one too.
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:iconlincolnloudplz::iconsaysplz:Lincoln here, and welcome to Lincoln Explains Everything.
Leni: Lincoln!
:iconlincolnloudplz::iconsaysplz:Sorry. I mean Leni Explains Everything.
Leni: Thank you.
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Leni should not really be explaining stuff...
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Love how you used the Hey Arnold font! How did you get ahold of it?!
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I love the old school Nickelodeon skit like that. Make more soon. 😍
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More please!
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Clarissa Explains it all was created by the same person who made Bear in The Big Blue House.
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I’ve got another comment for this deviation, and this time, it’s related to the picture itself. I want to present you an idea for how this would be presented as an actual episode of this alternate series. Heres how I believe it would play out...

LENI LOUD (Mary Kay Bergman): Hi everybody! The name
’s Leni Loud. So, you wanna know what my life is really like? Well, you’re about to find out!
So yeah, I love looking cool and sharp, and I’d give my whole allowance to be the first to get my hands on the latest fashions. I really like to keep up with the trends; it’s a totes radical thing to do! But, like, that’s not all... I’d also love me an awesome Moriah Cherry tape or a good episode of “Saved by the Male” to keep me company any day.
Now I’m not lying here, but believe me, I’m straight-up stupid. I don’t even know what my mom and dad do all day for a living! And even when I think I know stuff, a lotta times, everybody tells me I’m getting it wrong. Yeah.
But I oughta tell you, what’s the real hard part about my life?
[Camera shows pictures of the Loud kids, minus Leni, mounted on a wall.]
Having to share a house with nine sisters and a brother. Some of my sibs are cool and some are real weirdos, but I’ll admit, I love ’em all just the same.
[Camera turns to the room of Leni and... a certain older sister she shares the space with.]
First off, there’s my only older sister, Lori. She’s like, the boss of us. Sometimes when I show off any new clothes I’ve bought at the mall, she can get pretty jealous of me...
LORI LOUD (Kath Soucie): No way, Leni!! I wanted that outfit first!
LENI: Hey, that’s mine! Hands off!
[They argue for a bit.]
LENI: [voice-over] Okay, it can get totes ugly...
[Suddenly, a voice is calling out their names and telling them, “Stop arguing!”]
LORI: Huh?
LENI: Yes, daddy?
[Reveal their dad who is standing at their bedroom doorway, cross and stern.]
LYNN LOUD SR. (Cam Clarke): You girls break up this fighting and bickering at once! Or you’ll be grounded!
[Cut to a confused Leni.]
LENI: “Grounded?” Like, I don't even know what that means. Isn’t it... getting buried beneath the earth or something?
[Leni is showing off another new outfit of hers, but this time Lori isn’t paying any attention.]
LENI: [offscreen] Anyway... Other times, Lori won’t even take a look at me ’cause she’s too busy with Bobby, her boyfriend.
[Lori is mumbling, possibly messages of affection, at the framed picture of Bobby on her nightstand. Then she picks up her cell phone and starts calling him...]
LORI: Hey Bobby! What’s up, my little boo-boo bear?
BOBBY SANTIAGO (Carlos Alazraqui): [on phone] I wanna tell ya, babe, my birthday’s coming up in just a few weeks, and I thought you’d―
LORI: I’m so excited! I can’t wait for the invitation!
BOBBY: ―I was wondering if you’d take time to think about what gift you wanna give me. I do love a good surprise, ya know!
LENI: [offscreen] Yeah. She’s, like, that busy. Well, next up we’ve got Luna, the rocker of the family!
[Luna is listening and dancing to a tape of a song parodying one of the covers of Kurt Cobain]
LUNA LOUD (Cree Summer): Woo-hoo! This song is so outrageous and awesome! I could jam to it all day! Ohh yeah!!
LENI: [offscreen] And when her favorite music idols, like Kurt Arcane or Pearl Wham, are in concert, she goes totes hype.
LUNA: [looking at a ticket] Kurt Arcane’s in concert tonight? C’mon man, this is as good as it gets!
[Show Luna playing her signature electric guitar.]
LENI: [offscreen] And don’t forget about her guitar playing! That’s where she tends to get on my nerves! Like, she seems to be shaking the whole house, and the whole neighborhood too, so that all the dogs meow and the cats bark!
[Lori and Leni, as well as Charles the dog and Cliff the cat (both making frightened sounds), eavesdrop on Luna as she is playing]
LENI: [offscreen] Even our own pets are scared!
[Leni is on the couch, listening to a joke from another of her sisters.]
LENI: [offscreen] And this is Luan, who’s like the funny girl among us. Yeah, she thinks she’s good with jokes and impressions, and she does a lot of that. Lotsa times, however, I don’t get ’em.
LUAN LOUD (Wendy Hoopes): What’s the deal with hamburgers? I mean, the meat in them isn’t ham, right? [she laughs; while Leni is sitting there, she’s confused.]
LENI: Geez, this girl can be a bit of a lame-o...
LUAN: Don't get it? Well, everything I need to know about a good joke, I learned from my idol, Jerry Vinefeld.
[Turn to another sister, who is playing with balls outside.]
LENI: [offscreen] Next up, we’ve got Lynn, who’s a real sports lover. Basketball, football, soccer, hockey ― you name it, she loves it. She’s got the guts, the attitude, she’s even got her Air Fordin’s!
LYNN LOUD (Pamela Segall): Woo! Yeah! Slam jam!! I’m so awesome at this!!
LENI: [offscreen] But sometimes, it gets her into trouble with the neighbors.
[Lynn’s basketball smashes a neighbor’s window.]
MR. GROUSE (Maurice LaMarche): Hey you! What are you doing, young lady?! Did you just break my window? And what’s that ball of yours doing on my lawn? Listen up, whatever you Loud kids dump onto my turf... it becomes my property. Understand!
LENI: So many girls, huh? Well, it’s not all girls! I’d like you to meet my brother, Lincoln! Normally, he’s the star of the show, but he was kind enough to let me have the stoplight for just one day.
[Camera turns to Lincoln in his room, playing on his Pretendo Entertainment System, with his friends looking on.]
LINCOLN LOUD (Bradley Pierce): Wow, I’m really good!! Just one more level and I’m done with this game!
CLYDE McBRIDE (Jaleel White): That’s way past cool, bud!
RONNIE ANNE SANTIAGO (E.G. Daily): Keep it up, lame-o! You gotta show that last boss who’s boss!
LINCOLN: All right, let’s bust out of... here...
[Suddenly, a light invades the darkness in his room, and a voice is calling out his name.]
LINCOLN: Aw mom, I’ve just about finished this game! Is it really that late?
[Reveal the boy’s mom, who is standing at the door to her son’s bedroom.]
RITA LOUD (Tress MacNeille): Lincoln, you’ve been playing that game all day! It’s time for bed. You’re going to need all the sleep you can get now, because you have tests coming up at school tomorrow.
LINCOLN: Tests? Oh yeah, now I remember Mrs. Johnson saying... something about that...
RITA: Your teacher told me you have tests in five subjects! [She holds up a piece of paper, and sure enough, Lincoln does have tests in five subjects: math, English, science, history, and geography ― all scheduled for the same day.]
[Lincoln is shocked. Realizing that his time is up, he sadly saves his progress, quits his game, and turns off his system.]
CLYDE: This means I’d better be going. Who knows what Mom and Dad will say if they find out I’ve been wasting so much time with you!
RONNIE ANNE: I need to get home too... My whole family might get mad at me. So long, lame-o...
CLYDE: Bye, Lincoln. Bye, Mrs. Loud.
[Lincoln himself leaves as well, in his case apparently for the bathroom. While he is leaving...]
LENI: [narrating offscreen] Yeah, a boy like him can stay up this late, and it tends to drive me cray-cray. Now where was I?
Ohh, the rest of my sisters! Well, next up...
[Turn to another girl]
LENI: [offscreen] This is Lucy, our resident gloomy goth. She’s into all kinds of spooky stuff. And she really scares me with her Tales from Hell books.
LUCY LOUD (Christina Ricci): [reading to Leni] “Suddenly, the strangest things began to happen. The lights kept flickering on and off constantly. I could clearly hear some weird and woeful noises coming into the room. They sounded like somebody moaning and groaning, as if they had one of those heavy-duty jobs that made them strain. Maybe ghosts were in there?”
LENI: I’m... not... liking this...
[narrating offscreen] I get especially scared by the ones with spiders in them. They terrify me there! And in real life, too!
LUCY: [reading from another story] “I looked around, and I saw the whole house infested with huge webs from one corner to the other! We had been invaded by spiders!”
[Leni runs away, screaming]
[Turn to the next siblings in line, who are fighting over a toy.]
LENI: [offscreen] Then we’ve got the twins, Lana and Lola. They’re what you’d call “molar opposites”... Or is it grizzly opposites? They argue all the time and never seem to get along well!
LANA AND LOLA LOUD (both voiced by Cheryl Chase): It’s mine!
LOLA: I saw it first!
LANA: Gimme that!
LOLA: I need this!
[They continue fighting.]
LENI: [offscreen] But that’s not the only problem... Whenever Lana comes in backside from playing, lots of times, she’ll track dirt onto the carpets!
[She is seen noticing a dirty Lana coming back inside from her play, and her dirty footprints.]
LENI: Ew, that’s gross! I’m telling Mom!
[narrating offscreen] And Lola... Although she is chill most of the time, she gets angry whenever somebody doesn’t let her get her way... or calls her a name.
LOLA: [tantruming] Some guys at school told me I was ugly! Gaaahh, I hate those jerks! I’m gonna knock them out the first chance I get! WAAAAAHHHH!!!!
LENI: [offscreen] Like, I have to listen to this brat time and time again?! That’s totes pathetic.
[Turn to Leni interacting with another of her sisters.]
LENI: [narrating offscreen] And Lisa isn’t any better. She thinks she’s a genius. She even has a “PH-G” or something... I don’t even know what those are. But anyway, she can sometimes get me into some real wild experiments. It can get annoying, having to be tested in those kinds of things.
[Leni gets slime dumped onto her from one of Lisa’s test tubes, making her scream.]
LISA LOUD (Christine Cavanaugh): I hope thisth brief sthliming experiment doesth not have an adversthe effect on your overall health. But unfortunately for you... well, sthome of thisth sthlime might end up sthtuck on you for a while, stho pleasthe exercisthe great caution.
LENI: [to herself] Wait, what is she talking about? [narrating offscreen] Hey, I don’t even understand the stuff she says. It’s just too much for me.
[Moving on to the last sister.]
LENI: [narrating offscreen] Finally, we have Lily, the baby of the family! She is kinda cute and cuddly at first glance, but even she isn’t without her problems. She sometimes gets rather smelly.
LILY LOUD (Nancy Cartwright): [indistinct babbling, as she roams around the house leaving diaper smells behind her]
LENI: [offscreen] It makes me wonder: is she still in diapers, or have they gotten around to panny training her now? I don’t know... I just don’t know.
[Back to Leni as she finishes.]
LENI: And there you have it... I’ve just explained it all. I’ve just shown you guys the compilations of my life with my ten siblings! Don’t get me wrong, it seems like a challenge, but it’s the best kind of life a girl can ask for. So short, everybody! Buh-bye for now...!
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Let's see about this hypothetical 90s cast.  Kath Soucie, Phil and Lil on Rugrats and Mrs Pataki on Hey Arnold as Lori, Mary Kay Bergman, the various women on South Park as Leni, Cree Summer, Susie on Rugrats, Elmyra on Tiny Toons, Miranda on As Told By Ginger, Freddie Brooks on A Different World and Max on Batman Beyond as Luna, Wendy Hoopes, Daria's best friend Jane and sister Quinn as Luan, Pamella Segal, Spinelli on Recess, Moose on Pepper Ann and Bobby on King of the Hill as Lynn, Bradley Pierce, Peter Shepard from Jumanji Tails from the Sonic cartoon as Lincoln, Jaleel White, Urkel on Family Matters and Sonic as Clyde, EG Daily, Tommy on Rugrats, the valley girl from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Buttercup from The PowerPuff Girls and Mambo from Duckman as Ronnie Anne, Carlos Alazraqui, Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, Winslow from CatDog, Mr Weed from Family Guy, Gug from Detention and that dog from those Taco Bell commercials as Bobby, Christina Ricci, Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family and Kat from Casper as Lucy, Cheryl Chase, Angelica Pickles from Rugrats as both Lola and Lana, Christine Cavanaugh, Dexter, Babe, Chuckie Finster and Oblina from Aaahh Real Monsters as Lisa, Nancy Cartwright, Bart Simpson as Lily, Cam Clarke, Snoopy from those rare Peanuts specials as Lynn Loud Sr, Tress MacNielle, Agnes Skinner from The Simpsons, Charolette Pickles from Rugrats, Babs from Tiny Toons, Dot Warner from Animaniacs, Hillary Clinton from Pinky and the Brain, Cobra Queen from Freakazoid and Grandma Pookie from Hey Arnold as Rita Loud and Maurice LaMarche, Egon Spengler, The Brain, Orson Welles in Ed Wood, Big Bob Pataki, Kif Kroker and Calculon from Futurama and Toucan Sam as Mr Grouse.  Okay.
The references let's see, Mariah Carey, Saved by the Bell, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jerry Seinfeld, Air Jordans, Nintendo and Tales from the Crypt.  Okay, nice enough.  If you added Billy West, Doug Funnie, Roger Klotz, Ren and Stimpy, Slimer from Extreme Ghostbusters, Jeebs from Men in Black: The Series, Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg and Zapp Brannigan from Futurama and Emmitt Roswell from Detention as Rusty Spokes it would be complete.
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I would have Phil Hartman voice PopPop ,
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That's a mouthful!
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Just wanted to get all of that out!
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Leni: Like, I can explain it all!
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I would like a 30's AU plz!
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I do not want a 1930s AU because, within the context of this series, that would be going too far! A concept like that of this show could not have existed then, as that was in the heart of the Great Depression, and a middle-class couple could barely afford to provide for themselves and eleven children at that time. It was barely feasible then for a kid or teen to have the kinds of fun we know now! So, a ’30s AU would mean completely changing the basic premise of the series. Further, most of the main characters would have one or more core aspects of their identities and personalities altered, as things like mobile telephony, children’s fashion, rock music, the goth culture, child beauty pageants, computing, etc. did not exist in that decade. To make matters worse, some of the names given characters in the series were not even coined as nicknames at the time!

Sorry, TFK, but the Loud House universe fits into the ’80s and ’90s a LOT better than into the ’30s.
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I take a counter argument. Although I can concede that it would be unlikely to raise 11 kids in the 1930s, it would be just as unlikely for them to raise that many kids ’80s and ’90s, even the current timeline (For example, if it were the mid 80s, a lot of them would've been born during one of the worse economic times since the depression). More importantly you looking at the 1930s in a limited and textbook lens. There were modern marvels and subcultures in the 1930s. But more importantly, the Loud's personalities and styles can be translatable in almost any decade if you think about.
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I agree, I'm still definitely doing the 80s and 90s AUs they're my favorite decades, the 30s AU will only be showcasing the characters I won't be going deep into it like the 80s and 90s AUs
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