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This is so cute!

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Is Luz wearing a Marshmallow hoodie?

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This better happen in the show.

Genie-Dragon's avatar

This is why i just love Luz and Amity :love:

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sorry to bother you, you draw very well. Can I re-up the picture on my fanpage on facebook? I promise to write the source. thank you(◍•ᴗ•◍) You can check it here:

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Beautiful fanart :happycry:

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Happy birthday and have a nice day

I use your art as a background for my phone, if it's not a problem.

Groft45's avatar

I really want to see Amity react to the human world. As well as Gus and Willow. I want to see how they react when encountering human realm rain

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Happy birthday! And I hope you like this gift that goes with it.

masuarez0899's avatar

see this beautiful drawing because it will be the last time you saw happy luz before the last episode

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Beautiful drawing! :)

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Shining, shimmering, splendid!

Screw Romeo and Juliet, I want what they have.

Simpsonsfanatic33's avatar

Hopefully they’ll get there in season 2.

I want this to happen so much!

Especially since it was set up in season 2 episode 5

leavittman1's avatar

Not the first time a Disney character endorsed Marshmellow

MonsterFan50's avatar

Magic in the human world.

This would be a great romantic date between Luz and Amity.

TheKnucklesMainG4's avatar

Can't resist a good Lumity fanart every now and then...

Still 1,000 better than Jerbic.

thenotunnameless's avatar

Awww! This is so sweet!

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