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Loud House - Lincoln facepalm Loud House - Ronnie Anne is skeptical Loud House - Bobby has something on his mind Loud House - Lori Loud 
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Again another welldone fan art and another good time period aldo here is a suggestion for a ride Bobby would drive in the 90's as these were still cheap plus the set up was still popular in the 90's and coming back today

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Kath Soucie as Lori Loud
Carlos Alazraqui as Bobby Santiago
Jessica DiCicco as Ronnie Anne Santiago
Rider Strong as Lincoln Loud
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have rider strong voice lincoln in season 1 then gets replaced by danny tamberelli due to puberty throughout season 2-5 and then gets replaced by jesse mccartney the rest of the series

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Awww, it's so cute to see Ronnie Anne and Lincoln copying Lori and Bobby's lines here!

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Lincoln and Ronnie Anne loves to mock their older siblings in love.
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Lori has good taste, going out with Miguel from Tekken.
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RP with :iconleegriffin0:

*90s AU RP*

*It was a sunny day in Royal Woods.*
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*17-year-old Bobby and 11-year-old Ronnie Anne Santiago were on their way to the Loud House.*
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Bobby: Lincoln and Lori are gonna be glad that we’re spending the day with them.

Ronnie Anne: Yep. They always are.
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*They arrive at the Loud House.*
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*They head inside and find Lincoln and Lori in the living room.*
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Lori: *sees Bobby* Boo Boo Bear!

Lincoln: *sees Ronnie Anne* Oh, hey, Ronnie.
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Bobby: Hey, babe.

Ronnie Anne: Hey, sweetie.

*The couples share a kiss.*
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Lori: What are you guys doing here?
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Such Love Birds!
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Lincoln & Ronnie Anne mimicing Lori & Bobby? How rude! 
(Bonus points if you get the reference)
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That's Michelle!
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No that's Stephanie. 
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90's Save The Date. XD
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