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Gravity Falls 80s AU

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Now I kinda wish I made this AU back when I was obsessed with Gravity Falls. XD
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Why does Dipper look like Dustin?

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Why is Wendy holding a GUN!
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Gravity Falls looks way cooler in the 80s!!!

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Someone should make a fanfic of this, where its GF and Stranger Things merged, in the 80s, has GF characters in the 80s, GF is more like Hawkins and Bill Cipher replaces to demegorgan with transformations.

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Dipper looks like Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things!

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buen estilo de los 80s

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Oh this looks sooo cuuuute especially Mabe😍l but that might be my bow obsession talking *wispers* i blame my little pony

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so... stranger things?
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My thoughts exactly

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It is NEVER too late to make this AU again!

Boy, I wish I can pay you or something!

(But I have to keep my money and real life in mind.)

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Just started watching stranger things
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I'm getting Nancy vibes from Wendy. This is awesome

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This kinda reminds me of Stranger Things :3 I like it ^^
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Am I the only one getting some major Stranger Things from this?
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Glad to know I'm not insane!
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Is that an Ace Ventura reference?  If it is, nice.
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Nice. I bet there would be Michael Jackson stuff in it.
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 have they visited Little Hawkins yet
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