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Beta Luz

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Even beta luz is too cute for her own good.
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I don't hate this at all

Everybody is obsessed with Beta!Amity and Beta!Luz.

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a whole hippie luz XDDDDD

More like Hipster Luz

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Cool and nice B-)

Me : Hey Luz.

Luz : Oh hey Afton...

Me : You look tired aren't you ?

Luz : Yes...

Me : Cmon,let's get you to your bed.

( Carries Luz to her bed and puts her down on it )

Luz : Thanks dude...( starts sleeping )

Me : You're welcome.( Aww,look at how cute she is ! It would've been better if Amity sees this. )

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Pretty, Amity certainly likes this style.

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Cute hair design on Luz here
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She looks so pretty ^v^

pink-purple-madness's avatar

I've been seeing a lot of art of her concept design lately and I'm just loving it!

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So...she was originally going tobe a bit more gothy or emo-y?

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Nah, more like a hipster
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Luz looks awesome (based on the original designs).


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She looks like she’s tired.
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