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Awkward Luz

First time drawing them together!
I love how awkward and adorkable Luz is when she's around Amity XD
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So adorably awkward...

( Before this happened... )

Me : Alright since you really want Amity to get attention,I'll help you.

Luz : Thanks !

Me : Ok,just sit on that window and make a pose you really like.

Luz : Alrighty !

( She walks over and sits right next to the window,and makes a pose,the one in the picture )

Luz : How does it look ?

Me : This one's perfect !

( Then,Amity walks in... )

Me : Crap ! She's here ! Just stay in that position !

Luz : Oh okay !

( I immediately sits on a seat where the closest to Luz )

( Amity walks by me,then looked left to see that Luz is in that position )

Me : Oh shit ! She's f**king sweating already,how am I supposed to help her now ? Oh god... ( Facepalm )

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Amity: Hey Luz...what are you doing?

Luz:.. Uhm..(glances over to you for help)

( Me does a sign language )

Me : Don't move a single muscle ! Stay like that !

( Luz felt something then she looked behind,only seeing me sitting while watching YouTube )

( A minute later,she left,both of us felt relieved )

Me : least you got her attention.

Luz : You could say that.

( A notification rings from my Z Flip,it was a message from Dipper )

Me : Oh my god,what is it now ?

Luz : Who is it ?

Me : It's Dipper,he wanted to meet me at his locker.

Luz : Well,Go then,don't worry about me.

Me : You sure ?

Luz : I'm 100% sure !

Me : Alright,see ya !

( Ran out of the classroom to Dipper's locker )

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(Luz sighs until...)
Amity: I thought he'd help you 😏

Luz: A-AMITY!! 0////0 H-how long have you-

Amity: As soon as he got a call from.Dipper
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Luz: Oh A-Amity, hey...*in her mind* Just play it cool Luz..

Amity:..Are you trying to play cute again?

Luz: 0////0 Uh...

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Amity: 🤨...Luz what are you hiding?
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Luz: i was trying to seduce you Amity

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*Amity walks towards her and leans infront of Luz*
Amity: Well I think it's working~😏
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Luz: Oh Really~ -she smiled and wrap a arm around amity waist-
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Amity: Yeah~ *kisses Luz in the lips*
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-Luz Kiss Amity Back as They make out at the Window of the Classroom but they didn't know that eda and Lilith are watching without the couple noticing them-

Eda: So Lily
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I see her first word after this being (in Joey Tribbiani style): "How you doin?"

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All I can hear is this:…

Maybe Luz just watched Despicable Me 3 and can't get enough of that song and Amity is unfamiliar with 80's music in the 21st century.
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*diary comes open. Small Amity appears*

Amity: Today I met that human girl again. She irks me, and yet...I find myself thinking of her more and finding her more and more attractive. Her shining hazel eyes...her exotic mocha skin...her bright smile...her cute round ears...her tight little shorts...Thinking about her is starting to make me all hot inside. W-When no one was home, I-I got Emira's pleasure wand and--

*Blushing, wide-eyed Luz slams diary shut*

Luz: Okay, time to invest in some bigger pants.

Emira: Great, now I have to find a new place to hide my pleasure wand.

Edric: Or we could put a recording spell it...

I- she's 14 m8

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Sounds like one heck of an innuendo.

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First it's a wand, next it's a dragon soul orgy...

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