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Wip Skulls

WIP - Skulls 

Just a small part of a private commission I'm currently working on. Using clean vector lines and shape this time for screenprints!


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This piece is really interesting to me. I'm usually not into monochrome artwork, but this is spectacular. The immense detail put into the skulls themselves is astounding. There is such a pleasant contrast between the shadows and the reflections. I also am very pleased with the positioning. The main focus of the piece is not directly in the center and even leaves a bit of "blank" space. The skulls are obviously what you're meant to focus on - seeing as they're really the only thing there - and they're right where they need to be. The splttering in the background is a very nice touch and - in my opinion - ties everything in this piece together. All around, I thoroughly enjoyed this.
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thanks for the nice words! =)
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Oh, you're welcome~ I really enjoyed your artwork!
Can I use this image for channel art on my page?
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Hi, Could I use these skulls in my one project That I am working on. I will attach your link In my description.
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stunning !
have a great easter weekend
Happy Easter (mandala eggs) (MU) by Philluppus
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Excellent work.
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You're welcome :hug:
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This is wonderful~ I just wrote a critique for it
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I saw it and thank you =)
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Great work would love to make a connection


Kai Buskirk
Creative Project Sourcing
Team Builder
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thank you! hit me up anytime!
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Looks cool. This is so awesome, with so much detail.

Keep up the good work!
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