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The Dark Knight Rises... So Does His Bats.



Do I still need an introduction on who this guy is? I'm afraid not! In a few minutes "The Dark Knight Rises" debuts here in the U.S and unfortunately I have no tickets and will have to wait until next week :(( LOL! I've seen millions and millions and millions of Batman or The Dark Knight fan art, even so I just had to join the bandwagon! This guy is too awesome not to be drawn Fresh Doodle style! I hope you enjoy this piece of work and please guys, NO F*CKING SPOILERS on the comments section! PLEASE DUDE! =D

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I think what your work has is most definitely 'impact'. The idea wouldn't be new, but your vision into that idea is most certainly unique.

I disagree with the other critique that said his eyes aren't 'attractive'; this is the Batman: He's supposed to be scaring the sh^t out of criminals, and also give a sense of fear close to gratitude to the regular people.

If you've seen the dark knight rises, then you'd see that the statue they make of Batman in the end is one SCARY figure. He must be scary, and yet, he must be the symbol of hope. That's what I see in your drawing: Black and White; The Dark Knight overshadowing the white hope, and he seems modest as well.

I love your drawing, and I think it definitely is exactly how it's supposed to be.
The one thing that I wish didn't exist or would change is that white spot in the center of the drawing: it takes away from the whole vision... I don't know. That one white spot on the back of his head. Because his eyes are white and the spot looks like a flaw.

Anyway, again, I love the drawing the colors and the technique.

Great work indeed.