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March 9, 2013
'TIl Death do us part by *thefreshdoodle
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'TIl Death do us part

The beauty of Holy Matrimony...

This is my contribution to the millions of Valentine's Day theme art, a little different from the usual but it's perfectly fine with me cos I like to be different! Also, I'd like to hear your story about this piece as I haven't said much about it. =)

If you haven't noticed, I finally changed my signature to a more appropriate with my style of art. I started a poll asking if I should change my signature and majority of results says Yes, which I strongly agree. =) So bit by bit I would be updating my old works.

Happy Valentines everyone!

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I was captivated by this work. I absolutely had to look at it. There is so much talent and attention to detail. I love the pears and the flowers. The background is slightly confusing visually, but I think if adds to the ambiance. Her arms seem a little hasty or perhaps a little out of proportion. With such attention payed to her dress, and it's folds, the arms seem a bit like a clumsy afterthought. Again, her hair seems a little, 'poofy' on top. I think I only notices because of the supremely hi-lighted skull, which is gorgeous. The man's body also seems a bit disproportionate, but that could just be the price payed for a skeleton seemingly fused with a human. I am intrigued by her neck, the spit down the side. This is a fantastic piece of art, and I appreciate both you sharing it with us, and also leaving it to interpretation.
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When making a critique I try my best not to give out perfect scores. Its Like you have to be absolutely flaw less, but this work of art comes pretty damn close. I looking at this I had no idea this was a valentines day image; it has a profound sense of truth that reaches past a simple "i love you holiday card" And descriptively depicts its title in wonderful fashion. The colors and brush strokes give a old film look and add a tone to say that they have been together for a long long time, the colors of wear and tear and the lines of chaos to emphasis a point of how they've been through much. The Connection of the skulls show the bond an unity between the too. You could even image the man first world "I will love tou for ever" or "Im here, I will never leave", the composition gives a soothing tone that warms the heart over loud bright pinks and reds that are far pass empty and hollow in comparison to this. The subtitles of the flower and of the world around them showing that time has passed with them, trees grow flowers bloom, they all grow older and pass with time as do we. For a second I thought that this could have been a "picture that was taken" in the Feudal era with a "samurai" and his beloved given the brush strokes, only to find out that his lock of hair is actually a raven and he's wearing a business suit, not a kimono. With all the chaos some minor things are lost like clarity on whether those are triangle earnings or that is her neck bone, but It doesn't detract from the image at all. They even seem to have just met, and even thought they are dead they still have not parted its almost like the image undermines the the notion that in death separates you. They are still together though still connected both in body and mind (or rather skull, lol), its almost like they are starting yet another life together again one after death.
This peace has an astounding impact that 1000 worlds isn't enough, and frankly with its bleak colors and profound setup and execution, it stands above and says more than many of the bright colored valentines day hoards of work, and this should neither be just limited to valentines day. It sends a deep message to the soul rather than just look nice for 15seconds of acknowledgment.
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All I could say is THANK YOU. Thank you for giving such a wonderful story to my piece, a story I never thought off while creating it. :D All I ever thought of is giving a simple message or thought, but behind is a long story. I appreciate your comments, thanks again. :)
I would love to get permission to use this artwork as the background for an Ouija board :). Please?
Classsic feeling ...... :D
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this image made me cry
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This touched my heart. The vows you included, it should indeed be worthy of being a Daily Deviation
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Thank you! My favorite original concept I ever made haha
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Lovely, death shall not part them.
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Trop cool, j'adore c'est magnifique! :)
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Your welcome ^^
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This is just stunning!!! Love it so much!! 
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Feeling envious about this concept. Well executed and extremely exciting to look at<3
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I'm your official fan
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