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Arctic Tears

As the arctic and polar ice caps rapidly melt, creatures that inhabit these places will have to find new homes and bear with the rapidly changing weather . These are the tears and cries we'll never see and hear, but soon enough we will be experiencing the effects.

Thank you Russ Mills for the inspiration ^_^ - [link]

ENJOY! ^_^

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Beautifully done! Very good concept and execution. I learned a lot about how this affects everyone, not just the polar bears! I like how you used the combination of the bear and the woman crying for the bear, but I see some irony in the fact that she appears to be wearing the bear, pointing out the reality of poaching and such that still exists. However, there are also people who still live off of these native species, such as the Inuit tribes that live in Alaska and parts of Canada, and I watch an artist that uses the scraps from the animals they have to kill to make much of her art.
The chaotic nature of your drawing style seems to fit well with the chaos that is happening in the world due to such environmental issues. Only things I would fix are maybe the clarity (obviousness?) of the tears, a little bit better framing, and (artist's pickiness...) the eyes of the bear could be showing a bit more emotion.
Overall a really great piece with the elements including the melting of the glaciers, the combined ethos of the bear and the woman, and the overall coldness implied by the palette used.
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thanks for the honest and straight forward critique. I appreciate it. :)
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You're welcome! ^_^
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Also bought an iPhone case with this print haha. SUPERB !
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You're welcome
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Hey this picture is cool still Gonna help me with an album cover?
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Sent you my terms :)
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Love how you used different hues of blue here! All I can say is AMAZING! :)
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wow!!!! amazing truly!!!
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you are truly talented! :)
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The first thing out of my mouth when I saw this was a gasp of amazement! That is just so, so beautiful. The concept and execution are flawless.
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This is fantastic. I think I've fallen in love with your art style :D
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thank you so much :D
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Gorgeous composition for a clever message ! :clap:
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Excellent work.
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