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The Freewrite Project is based on the philosophy that by writing a little bit every day, your writing improves. We are a place where writers of all kinds (poets, storytellers, prosetry-ers, fanficcers, lyricists, and anyone else you can think of) have a place to do just that - open up the submission page, and write. You're not allowed to edit. Just write.
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Hello again, everybody who takes the time to read these. As of this moment, I have created a new group known as #Free-Write-Project with as much of the same ideals and basis as this group. If anybody wishes to join, feel free to send along an application. If you want admin privileges, just send me a note saying why, and what you intend to do with your power.


See you there.
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Rules and FAQs

The Freewrite Project has two simple and easy-to-follow rules. They are as follows:
1. No editing.
2. No editorializing.

ADDENDUM 9/1/2010: Individual deviants may not submit more than THREE deviations per day. While it's lovely to get a big spike in works, many of our watchers already have large amounts of work in their inboxes every day. Violation of this rule will result in penalization.

frequently asked questions

What is the Freewrite Project?
It's very simple. The Freewrite Project is based on the philosophy that by writing a little bit every day, your writing improves.

The Freewrite Project is a place where writers of all kinds - poets, storytellers, prosetry-ers, fanficcers, lyricists, and anyone else you can think of - have a place to do just that.

Okay, so how does this whole 'Freewrite Project' thing work, anyway?
As easily as possible, hopefully! Now that we've converted to the Groups system, you can either join, watch, or submit entirely independent of group membership. More information below. Once you've decided how you're going to submit, open up the dA submission page, and write. Don't think about it at all; just let whatever words that come to mind spill onto the page. Stop when you feel you're finished.

Do you have a preferred submission format?
Actually, yes, if you don't mind. Title and categorize your piece however you see fit, but I would prefer to keep artists comments to a minimum, because it's very easy to editorialize with them. You may submit anonymously; more information below.

I also ask that if you write something with content which you feel is unsuitable for anyone immature, please put it under a Mature Content warning.

Hey, this sounds pretty cool! How do I submit?
Several ways! You can go here: thefreewriteproject.deviantart…, click on your name (it should be just under the group name) and you should have an option to submit a deviation. You don't have to be a member of the group to do it, but you do have to be a member of deviantART. The deviation will appear in your gallery but be credited as part of the group, and also appear in the group gallery.

You can also add existing deviations to the group - simply go to the deviation's page, click the Submit to a Group link, click the "Type a Group name" radio button, and type in our group's name (thefreewriteproject). Or if you're a member, under the Submit to Your Groups radio button, there should be our avatar and group name for you to submit to.

What if I don't want a deviation credited to my name?
Our group also has an option for anonymous submission through a mutually-owned account which operates on much the same system as the group did before conversion. More information is here: thefreewriteproject.deviantart…

Any other questions? Comment on the group page or note the admin (onyxdemoness).


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