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a lil sumpin sumpin.

the Tick belongs to New England Comics
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Toss in Little Wooden Boy and you got something. xD
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oh tick were did you go!
Thats the best tick pic I ever laid my eyes on.
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I LOVE IT! :squee: Tick looks... attractive, I must say. :love: Same with Arthur!
Excellent take on one of the best superhero duos ever! :)
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Great job! Have you done an American Maid yet?
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not yet, but that's a great idea!
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God I loved the cartoon when I was a kid. I wish it was still on.
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excellent, great buff tick! Arthur us looking a little more manly too, haha!
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Love it, you nailed the characters!
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Oh god, I remember watching the show as a kid! Bloody awesome picture, mate-poor Arthur looks a little confused :D
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What a great comic^^
Nice work man, totally dig it^^
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thanks! it was really fun to do
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Yeah!!And with your style looks great!!
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Good times good times. Loving your art style. SPOOOOOON!
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little wooden boy!
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Hahaha that's great! Arthur's expression is just perfect!
[ ]'s
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One of the funniest cartoons EVER! I loved that show! Hell, I even got the game back in the day on Sega for my lil bro. Damn! I miss how good cartoons use to be. :(
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