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Welcome to the Den!

:iconfoxylaplz:Welcome to the Fox Fan Club!:iconfoxylaplz:

We strive to be a warm, fun and helpful community for all those who have an interest in those little fuzzy animals. Regardless of if you create fox art or just want to take part in the group, we’d love to have you as part of the family! All are welcome, so don’t be afraid to join!

How do I join?
See the "Join Group" link right above this? Just go ahead and click that and you're all set! ALL member requests are looked at before being accepted due to potential trolls trying to join so please understand.

**We are not currently accepting Contributers to the group. We will post a journal if the need for more admin help arises.

Please do not submit to the featured folder, we are working on using it properly, if you do your deviation will be denied.

Submission Rules
As much as we'd love to see your art, there are some rules that need to be reviewed. Please read these so we don't have to ever reject your amazing art!

:bulletblue: Must be fox related
Your deviations must contain foxes or be fox related. All mediums are acceptable, from pixel art to sculptures and everything in between. Quality is not a huge issue, but if you drew it on a crumpled piece of lined paper that was dropped into water or its obvious that you put no work into it (stick figures for example), we will have to reject it.

:bulletblue: Anthros are allowed, humans with fox ears and tail are not
Our group focuses on the fox as an animal, feral or anthro. Humans with ears and tail are simply not animal enough for us. Sorry.

:bulletblue: Deviations cannot contain excessive adult or hateful content
It doesn't have to be 100% child friendly, but if your submission contains an overly excessive amount of gore, is pornographic, or expresses a hateful ideal or message, it will be rejected. If you are unsure if the submission is acceptable, submit it and we will review it. If we find that it is not suitable, we will leave a comment on your request explaining why.

:bulletblue: 5 Deviation per day limit
This includes both your submissions and art that you request for favorites. Every submission must undergo a vote to be allowed into the gallery and if we get bombarded by submissions it would be very hard to handle. We love your art, but we love our hands, too :D

:bulletblue: A NOTE TO FOX COLORS!
Please don't submit foxes with fur colors that are unrealistic such as purple, green, blue, and so forth.

:bulletblack:The fox is covered in some sort of colored substance (paint, goo, slime, powder, stuff like that)

:bulletblack:The unrealistic fur color is used to define unique markings and is cut to a minimum.

:bulletblack:Foxes with human-like hair (such as mowhawks and long hair and other such styles on the head) are fully acceptable and are not bound by the aforementioned rule.

:bulletblack:Semi-abstract, material media, and non-realisitc/dream-like art are not bound by the aforementioned rule


Were here to help!:iconspace-plz::typerhappy:

If you every have any questions about anything pertaining to the group, please feel free to note us! We will do our best to answer any and all questions that come our way as fast as we can!

A huge thanks to you from all of the admins! This group wouldn't exist if it wasn't for your care and support!
I've made a new folder if anyone is going to submit 3d model characters, please submit it in the 3d character folder. Otherwise if you submit it in the wrong folder it will be declained
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Sketches and Traditional Media
The warmth of our souls by Bastet-mrr
Contact by dessinateur777
Skin by dessinateur777
Ashes to Ashes by mania-mutt
Digital Work
Little Flower by 0l-Fox-l0
One happy arctic fox by AceDojoFox
Let the little fennec fox sleep... by AceDojoFox
Officer Jane by MrMcArthur
Good Rum! by 0l-Fox-l0
Medieval beauty by VikingFedor
my sad memories by kristasy
Dynaisajia doodle by Foxofwonders
The White Fox by Grimmaz
Fox Stock 3 by Fiveleafwolf
Fox Stock 6 by Fiveleafwolf
Fox Stock 5 by Fiveleafwolf
Raposinha Confidential Mission - Page 08 by EzequielBR
Raposinha Confidential Mission - Page 07 by EzequielBR
Back at it! by 0l-Fox-l0
Welcome to Rakuenko - Cover by MattsyKun
Mature Artwork

Mature Content

Daki Niti by Gilded-Silverfox
Hot Bath by Art-Surgery

Mature Content

Ravenous Raga by Gilded-Silverfox
[gift] Bellydancers by MrMcArthur
I don't give a f... by Martith
Arctic fox deco divider by Martith
Fox Stamp by SophieLeta
Art Contest  by tiggytiger2012
Fox in snow by Speck--Of--Dust
Biro the villager by pandapaco
Foxes Concept by lunarhare
Grateful by Tienala
Commissions Info / Prices,Commissions InformationPlease read the guidelines and informations below before contacting me. Thank you!For more details, find the link on the bottom. What I will draw: - Anthro / Furry (male / female)- Fantasy / Sci-Fi characters- Human females- mild NSFW (artistic nudity, pin-ups, lingerie / slinky stuff)(In general, it's a good idea to refer to my gallery to see what kind of stuff I'm into. For example I would probably draw an otter anthro - But I never actually drew one before, so it might turn out a bit (A LOT) shittier than other motives :>)What I will not draw:- Hard NSFW (exposed genitals)- Fetishes including (but not limited to) body fluids... or gases... or any other state of aggregation- Complete over-the-top anatomy (tits as big as your whole torso, stuff like that)- Machines, vehicles, "Mechs"- Human males- Anything against dA-TOS; stuff that, by common sense, is defined as a NO-GO- detailed backgroundsPlease ask via note if you are not sure whether I would or would not draw a certain topic.Prices Overwiew (in Euro):,The table above shows the base prices for a commission depending on SIZE (Blue) and COMPLEXITY (Green). For example, a lined piece of a Fullbody character costs 50,-.Complexity is linear, which means that "Shaded" includes all the features of "Colored", and "Colored" includes all the features of "Lined" (obviously).Examples of pictures further below! Definitions:Sketch: rough finish, unpolished lines, medium details on clothes, either as a transparent .png or with a rough base-color filling the subject. Lined: polished, pure-black Lineart, high details on clothes (e.g. subtle 3D effect / seams / folds in clothing, fur-fluff, dents in armor), either as a transparent .png or with a base-color filling the subject. (Fur-markings may not be suitable for this style)Colored: basic, flat colors, no gradients.Shaded: Painted shadows all around the subjectHeadshot: Only head of subject / small parts of throat visibleHalfbody: Subject's head and additionally torso/arms are visible, up until the waistFullbody: Whole body of subject is visible. "Body" in this case refers to: head (including horns/hair/spikes), torso, arms / frontlegs, legs / hindlegs, and the tailAdditional fees:Accessories: weapons, guns, any object that is not defined as "clothing", aswell as "wings">>> + 5,00 - 10,00 (varies, depending on object) Complex or excessive clothing (having like 2 jackets on, belts with a lot of rivets, or super detailed armor, ...)>>> + 5,00 - 10,00 (varies, depending on object) Additional characters:>>> + 60% of price, depending on selected Complexity / SizeArt Examples:Sketch(Character: Tauren),Lined(Characters: Jane | Boots),Colored(Characters: Kyra | Jago),Shaded(Characters: Adelaide | Tauren ),Rules / Terms of ServiceHow to contact?Please send your enquiry as a DeviantArt note. Go to my profile and click on the [SEND NOTE]-Button on the upper right.How to commission?Please state in your enquiry what you would like me to draw. Provide as many details as possible, visual references in form of photo/ video or drawings are mandatory. You can upload pictures to your and share the link in the note.Be precise what kind of pose / perspective you want your character to be drawin in.I do not design characters based off written stories / descriptions.How to pay?I only accept Paypal. Payment of complete commission cost upfront. The adress will be sent to you after all details have been discussed and agreed upon.Refunds?After your enquiry and payment, I will provide a first draft to check if I got the character right. You will be able to express wishes / changes in this stage free of charge.If you're not happy with the first draft / first couple of changes, you are free to ask for a full refund.If you accept the draft, I will proceed to work on the piece according to the chosen complexity / size. I will keep in touch with you and provide a WIP (of lower than native resolution) after completing aproximately 50% of the work to make sure the picture is going to your liking.If you're not happy with the outcome and changes do not satisfy you, you are free to ask for a 50% refund.Beyond this point, you may not ask for a refund anymore.I may cancel the commission at any point. In that case, a full refund will be given back.Can I post/share the commissions I got from MrMcArthur?I will post my commission works on DeviantArt publicly, and will link your account of choice to give credit to your character-design. (If you dont specify an account, I will link your DeviantArt account that you used to send me a note. You may also mention in your note that you want to remain anonymous)You can share my work on any other website. Please give credit by linking my DeviantArt page. :DI don't think double-posting on DeviantArt is a good idea, but I won't stop you from sharing the commission on DeviantArt, too.
Material Media
The Fox Miraculous Clay Pendant 2 by FeynaSkydancer
Avaliable Prints
riding fox by Lahara
Tutorials and Resources
Fox on the Forest Floor by Caldafox
Darlan Pixelart by DarlanSpace
Cosplays or Fursuits
Furmeet Ibirapuera by Tatujapa
3D characters.

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Hi guys thank you for letting me join The Fox Fan Club :) 

As “The Duke of Artz” I would like to submit one of my most famed Fox Art illustration of my art series of “Rita the Fox.” with you all for the first time. For my gratitude to you for being a member of your Fox Fan Club for the first time. :) 

My Fox illustration is one of my most famed and the best ones I ever drew and sketched 3 years ago on September 1st, 2018. 
I call it “Rita the Fox & the Three Kits.” 

Rita the Fox and the Three Kits by Hartzler35  

As “The Duke of Artz” what do you think? 
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