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Utahraptor ostrommaysi by 5aurophaganax
Kentrosaurus aethiopicus by 5aurophaganax
Kunbarrasaurus by JFDVET
Concavenator Portrait by 5aurophaganax
Croctober 2023 poster by kuzim
Tethyshadros in Low poly by kuzim

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Acrocanthosaurus in LowPoly by kuzim
Meraxes gigas by PrimevalRaptor
Rhomaleosaurus in Low Poly 2 by kuzim
Moreno Formation red tide by Evoblast99
Plioplatecarpus Bay by Evoblast99
Mosasaurus conodon. by Frank-Lode
Other Sauropsids
PALEOSERIES 2: Purranisaurus papercraft by Hoatziraptor
PALEOSERIES 3: Halisaurus papercraft by Hoatziraptor
Turning Tides Through the Turonian by WDGHK
PALEOSERIES 1: Utatsusaurus papercraft by Hoatziraptor
Lisowicia bojani - Lisowice by Szymoonio
Smok and Lisowicia by Szymoonio
Holzmaden by PrimevalRaptor
Ischigualatsia In Low Poly by kuzim
Other Tetrapods
Gerrothorax In Low Poly by kuzim
T. eurycephalus Rigorous Skull by Evoblast99
Mastodonsaurus by LGJW
Metoposaurus by Szymoonio
Non-Tetrapod Vertebrates
Whale Mackerel by The---Other---One
Xiphactinus In Low Poly by kuzim
Cretoxyhina in Low Poly by kuzim
Maastricht formation: chronrichthyans by Corallianassa
Strange Anachronism by TheTerritorialTrike
Ammonite Funiferites by mixtix-freeman
Traumatocrinus hsui by casielles
Ammonite Ptychoceras by mixtix-freeman
Dynamoterror dynastes (undescribed) by Clumsystiggy
Dicraeosaurus hansemanni skeletal reconstruction by SpinoInWonderland
Yongjinglong datangi skeletal reconstruction by SpinoInWonderland
Euhelopus zdanskyi skeletal reconstructions by SpinoInWonderland


Tyrannosaurus by Thrillosopher Tyrannosaurus :iconthrillosopher:Thrillosopher 82 9 Happy Pride! by 7snows Happy Pride! :icon7snows:7snows 230 25 Tyrannosaurus. The Jurassic Games by Swordlord3d Tyrannosaurus. The Jurassic Games :iconswordlord3d:Swordlord3d 900 37 Cryolophosaurus ellioti by pangalliformes Cryolophosaurus ellioti :iconpangalliformes:pangalliformes 140 7 The last hatchling by tnilab-ekneb121 The last hatchling :icontnilab-ekneb121:tnilab-ekneb121 52 3 Compy by RiverRaven Compy :iconriverraven:RiverRaven 6 0 Dino Fortress by daftdance Dino Fortress :icondaftdance:daftdance 13 6 Fact versus Opinion by JohnFarallo Fact versus Opinion :iconjohnfarallo:JohnFarallo 10 12 Suchomimus by StudioSpectre Suchomimus :iconstudiospectre:StudioSpectre 68 17 Dilophosaurus by EsthervanHulsen Dilophosaurus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 542 58 Ichthyosaur Group by EsthervanHulsen Ichthyosaur Group :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 613 59 Ichtyosaur Group by EsthervanHulsen Ichtyosaur Group :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 312 36 Prolacerta broomi by Biarmosuchus Prolacerta broomi :iconbiarmosuchus:Biarmosuchus 74 5 The Mighty Spinosaurus by TeddyBlackBear2040 The Mighty Spinosaurus :iconteddyblackbear2040:TeddyBlackBear2040 10 2 Chinese Jurassic Ambush by TeddyBlackBear2040 Chinese Jurassic Ambush :iconteddyblackbear2040:TeddyBlackBear2040 9 6

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A group for the non-stock Mesozoic fauna. The more obscure wonders of the era. From dinosaurs smaller than Compsognathus, to whale-sized supersauropods. Stock animals, especially Tyrannosaurus rex, receive way too much attention.


Pretty simple. Non-stock Mesozoic creatures only. No stock animals. Scientific accuracy is a must - you need to actually depict the creature you are supposed to be depicting. No JP fanart or something like that.

List of stock Mesozoic animals (animals not allowed in this group):

Tyrannosaurus rex - the most popular, overrated, and overused theropod, dinosaur, and prehistoric animal ever. Often depicted inaccurately, with some depictions bearing virtually no resemblance to the actual animal. This theropod doesn't have a place in the group galleries. Other tyrannosauroids are allowed, though.

Brontosaurus - the classic sauropod.

Triceratops - the classic ceratopsian.

Stegosaurus - the classic plated dinosaur.

"Raptors" - Deinonychus and/or Velociraptor, usually called Velociraptor and looking like the dromaeosaurids in Jurassic Park, which are hopelessly inaccurate. Other dromaeosaurids are allowed.

Spinosaurus - made famous by one of the Jurassic Park sequels, and qualified as the dinosaur even more badass than T. rex. Often depicted inaccurately, due to Jurassic Park's portrayal.

Dilophosaurus - Often depicted by the public as an improbably frilled, venom-spitting dinosaur, another Spielberg's invention.

Allosaurus - The classic tyrannosaur-substitute. Especially useful if it's necessary to have a dinosaur that lived in the Jurassic as opposed to the Cretaceous.

Archaeopteryx - commonly known as "the first bird".

Gallimimus - the classic ornithomimid, featured in Jurassic Park.

Diplodocus - the classic skinnier brontosaur-substitute.

Giraffatitan - the classic brachiosaur, often mistaken for Brachiosaurus. The actual Brachiosaurus is allowed, though, since it's pretty overshadowed by Giraffatitan and isn't actually known to most of the general public.

Ankylosaurus - good luck if you'll ever find it correctly-shaped.

Styracosaurus - the classic Triceratops substitute.

Parasaurolophus - rarely named but often shown, usually just called "the crested dinosaur".

Iguanodon - the longest-standing dinosaur in popular culture, as it was one of the very first non-avian dinosaurs to be discovered by science itself.

Argentinosaurus - Known by the general public as the "Largest Dinosaur Ever".

Carnotaurus - Popularised by Disney's Dinosaur, where it is depicted as a huge theropod even larger than the likes of Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus.

Giganotosaurus - Usually erroneously depicted as living alongside Argentinosaurus.

Pteranodon & Rhamphorhynchus - often mixed together in one single animal, the "pterodactyl".

Elasmosaurus - in older media, also Plesiosaurus.

Liopleurodon - Often thought of as an enormous blue whale-sized creature, due to the giant pliosaur from Walking With Dinosaurs.

Keywords: obscure forgotten mesozoic wonders dinosaurs pterosaurs ichthyosaurs plesiosaurs sauropsids palaeo paleo prehistoric prehistory fauna accurate paleoart palaeoart palaeontography
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Please check the temporal range of the animal you're submitting. This is for non-stock Mesozoic fauna, not Cenozoic or Palaeozoic ones.

If you want to submit Palaeozoic fauna, try this one instead:
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Olmagon Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2020
So I was wondering if my drawing has both obscure fauna and Spinosaurus,which receives much attention, would it still go here?
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Does Velociraptor Osmolskae count a 'stock dinosaur'? The Velociraptor usually seen all over the place is Mongoliensis.
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Does Baryonyx count as a stock dinosaur now that it's going to be in a movie?
SpinoInWonderland Featured By Owner May 8, 2018
It already was in Ice Age 3, but being in one movie isn't automatically going to make you a stock dinosaur.

JP2 didn't launch mamenchisaurs into popularity despite featuring them (albeit they depicted them looking more like Supersaurus). It depends on how famous it's going to be to the general public.
FieryCarnotaurus Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah okay. I haven't seen any mentions so I decided to ask. Thanks for the reply!
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Hey everyone, I'm offering some paleoart commissions!
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