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Published: March 26, 2017
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This is my first proper map y'all so I hope you like it. Before diving into the lore I want to thank redheadstock ( for the scroll brushes; Eragon2589 ( for the mountain brushes; Mimine09 ( for the tree brush); Jatna ( for the symbol brushes; Lileya ( for the leather belt wreath thingy brush; and Bonvanello ( for the landmass brushes. I'll also say that this basic tutorial also helped me:…. The fonts I've used are; Evil Bunny, First Order, Holy Empire, Elementary Gothic Book Hand, and I think the text in the belt thingy is either Harrington or High Tower Text. Anyway, now for the good bit:


The principality of Rykgard is the northernmost part of traditional Jyklund. The province is surrounded by the great Jyke river to the south and by the forest lands to the north. The area takes its characteristics from its role as protector of Jyklund, being the first line of defence against Forest Land spider raiders or land invasion from the north. The area therefore boasts numerous castles and forts, and even the great Merlong; a large wall connecting two great citadels. The rough northern border of Rykgard is marked by the river Engstrom and its subsidiaries; a river that can be thin and narrow in many areas, affording little protection as a barrier.
Here is a description of the places marked on the map:

Norshilde - The northern citadel of the Merlong. This is where the Count-Commander of the Merlong resides and it is from here that many raids into the forest come from. This citadel is also responsible, when it can, for controlling the northern streams of the Engstrom.

Fortwood - This ancient town was for millennia a trading hub and stop off point on the precarious land route into Jyklund. However, centuries of war, occupation, and sieges have left the town a mere ghost of its former self. Now only the occasional garrison of Jyklundian soldiers man its ruin. More often, it is left abandoned, it's ruined walls only offering a camp site for travellers or Forestian raiders.

Highhold - This castle is built into the side of the mountain and commands authority over much of eastern Rykgard. It's small and stout, even for West Jyklund standards, but it's formidable to oppose.

Herrhagen - A small farming village, located close to Herrhagen Mine.

Altford - The town of Altford is nearly as old as Fortwood. However, unlike Fortwood the town has sustained a substantial population whilst a fort and other defenses have also been built along the river.

Unterstark - The lower citadel of the Merlong. This formidable fortress often has the job of recieving supplies and messages from the south and sending them up to Norshilde. The citadel also occassionally comes into conflict with feudal authorities and the castle of Karminrot over its jurisdictions. The citadel once boasted a dam controlling Engstorm Lake but this was destroyed in the great Battle of the Lake.

The Great Walled City of Mauerbruck - The trading centre of the north from where goods enter Jyklund by land. The Forest Road ends here and from the other side emerges Rider's Road which leads down to Jyklund. The city is surrounded by thick, grey walls up to 25 metres high and is ruled by a powerful commercial elite.

Quellebeck - Located at one of the springs of the Jyk. This small town is out of the way and peaceful, relying on simple farming and mining. However, it attracts many pilgrims, visitors, and even sorcerers due to it's Spring Shrine to the River and the Gods.

Collinfarm - A simple agricultural community.

Karminrot - The lake castle. This castle has a dark history of foul leaders and misdeeds and is often reffered to as no more than a large dungeon or prison. The waters of Engstrom lake have run red many a time from this place.

Halde Redoubt - This small fortress is placed on top of a cliff overlooking the river. Though not much of a defense on its own, its garrison wards off enemy incursions and acts as a scout base to warn others. It is said that Halde's tower was once occupied by a powerful sorcerer who enhralled victims to act as his servants.

Osthut - A fortress on the eastern side of Rykgard.

Grafwalde - This castle was once a manor and that manor was once a hunters station and that was part of the private hunting forest of the early lords of Rykgard, the ancestors of the first Jyklundian kings. The castle is still surrounded by large, rich forests and the castle is more extravagent than defensible.

Kirkrypt - The traditional burial place of the lords of Rykgard. Early tombs lie in earth mounds to the west of the settlement but later lords have built themselves mausoleums and churches which have led the site to become a prosperous town.

Rose Keep - Built by the Purose dynasty of the kings of Jyklund as a countermeasure against Rykgardian military power. Despite its early history under the Puroses and Jack Blackmorn, the castle has only occassionally been under royal control since. Nonetheless, the owner of the castle has claer military strength and proximity to the Rykgard castle of Jaeringen, so thus has created contension and division between the lords of Rykgard and their vassals.

Rothafen - This is largely a trading port though contains a small keep and often transports military personnel.

Sudmarkt - This trading market is the last Rykgardian owned stop on the path to western Jyklund. From here traders will take regular ferries to Vehrk.

Haustead - A densely populated town of tall houses and narrow, cobble stone streets.

Jaeringen - The seat of power in Rykgard, this city is named after its founder and first king of Jyklund, Jaeron I.

Stromsail - Stromsail is a fairly prosperous trading port. It is generally far away from the border enough to avoid plunder from Forestian raids, though it has bgeen sacked and burned many times.

Fairthal - A small abbey town in the Autumn Valley

Vehrk - The main ferry village to Sudmarkt. Nearby lay the ruins of the ancient city of Venkar 

Waytoll - The capitol of the ferry isles. A large, square, castle built by a later dynasty of west Jyklundians accompanied by a small homestead.

Haglport - A ferry town but also a prominent commercial town too.
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Hey these are my pine brushes! I am so happy you like and use them! Beautiful work you did, but I think a stronger earth/water contrast would have been a plus ^^ Keep up the good work!
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Yes! I really liked the brush, thank you :D
And that's a good idea, I'll bear that in mind next time, thank you :)
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