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Lost1: Kate Austen Cubee

Kate Austen from the tv series Lost in Cubee form!!

Just click on the download link to download the pattern. Then cut out the shapes and construct (no tape or glue needed!!).
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Cool! Sorry for being so late to respond to everything, just got back from a month-long trip! :0
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No prob... As you see, I'm rather late responding too... ;) I usually respond once a week unless it's something urgent since I'm working while making Cubees... ;)
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Great Cubee! And nice choice too. I've heard good things about Lost. :D
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It's an excellent show.. I actually started watching it last year in November, and watched an episode a day until I got caught up.... I think there were only like 6 episodes left at that point, but it was super awesome getting to watch them back 2 back each night... I definitely recommend not having to wait long periods of time as it enhances the viewing experience... ;)