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It's a zombie
SpicyDicey gave me ownership of her characters so I decided to make an Au, and if you didn't know already, paradox is a zombie but I don't think she eats people so in this, she does! and Kate(who is now a human girl) is the first to come across her, well aside from her victims
hmmmmmmmmm, thought I'd mention this, I have an Art fight account right here:…
Yes, they're based on me like 50 others but I don't care, I do what I want and short hair is nice, I've been trying to design a mascot for a while, and this is the result I'm happy with, most of it is based on me, and the only thing thats different is her backstory, and sadly with this many characters that represent me alot of them have similar names, most of them, but I'm lazy and will add the bio later
August and June
remember these two from that old post:…

some changes were made but we have, June the older sister loves pastel colors and is extremely clumsy, another thing is she is incredibly Naive and sensitive
While younger brother august is weary and protective of June and will probably beat you up if you upset her

these two were some kids I made for Kate and Paradox, which makes these two part zombie and part cat

Kate and Paradox belong to SpicyDicey 
August and June made by me


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Mirrored Fate is a universe with multiple species and a gigantic Mountain.

Long ago there were the Humans, but then Super Naturals showed up, they had amazing magic and some could shapeshift, then later on "anthro's" also showed up, they were animals in almost every sense, expect that they had the mindset of a human and stood on two legs, later the world received Creatures and Myths, the creatures were like the antho's except they just weren't animals and few could Shapeshift, and the myths were what the humans had made long ago, Demons, angels, unicorn(anthros), Fairy's and the list went on. last of all, the Wizards showed themselves, The Wizards were antho's on the outside, but on the inside they were pure magic, and evolution occurred eventually, Wizards who practise and train long and hard can become Sorcerers, and with even more time and effort, a seraph, these rare beings chose to live on the moon.
Also familiars exist they are gained when a wizard becomes a sorcerer, cuz they for sorcerers only!!!
oh, also hybrids are a thing??? they are any kind of antho and Human hybrid, not anything else
Now for the types of magic: (combinations exist but are rare)
Water-it's pretty easy to figure out
Fire- Same as water
Electricity-same as water as well
Steel-This is the manipulation and crafting of metals, paired with Electricity it can be used to design technology
Ice-Easy to figure out too, also wind I guess
psychic-Mind reading, levitation of themselves, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and hypnosis for the talented ones 
Dark- Spoopy bois also special stuff like this: 
Resurrection- Completely receives a being (no Satan circle is necessary also this one is rather tricky to untrained wizards)
ReAnimation-basically zombie slaves(fairly easy to do for trained wizards)
Boom, Spooooooooooooopy bois

Eventually the humans began to fear the wizards and sorcerers(seraphs are on the moon minding their own business) and they chose to relocate them in the mountain, which became known as the underground, there is the main city of the underground under the main part of the mountain and a tunnel was built for passing, but of course, a gate that Pure magic could not get through(aka wizards, sorcerers and their spells) anything else can go in and out really, but wizards/sorcerers can go into the mountain, but not out. uhhh what else, um there are these territory things were the certain wizard types can live and train??? it's also kinda environments like the water one is good for fish anthros  yeah so-

also for mah friendos just a quick thing-
Caramelized-Caz SpicyDicey Charialovessans butterlovessans TheEvilFloofMaster JennyToonsBooms Pastel-Sugar-Kitten XxCaramel-WarriorxX RubixCube15 
Umm, is it okay if I borrow a few of these guys for most likely background characters, cuz I thought I could use a few as examples of something also I'm sorry that some character backstory changes a bit examples for SpicyDicey Kate was a Dark wizard with a human girlfriend who died and she tried to resurrect Paradox but cuz she never practised any magic, paradox was in a sentient Zombie state(so she can think for herself and isn't a zombie slave) and she lost her magic and is just an antho. more examples is for Charialovessans  and butterlovessans of those two being hybrids, but, if your not okay with me featuring them just say so


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Hello there I am TheFluffyPowerBox, recently I moved accounts right here: TheFluffyAngelCake and I still do stuff here so don't unwatch yet <3


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