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Come With Me

A 4 second loop I made in about 5 hours.
I thought it was really pretty :icondashielovesyouplz:


Edit: Made it prettier! Also, rendered it out in 1080p for all your Wallpaper Engine needs. You can download the video here
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I gotta learn SFM holy moly xD
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Good Job well done i download it right now
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Squee!! Dashie is sooo cute 100% of the time ;)   Great work! :D  Love the wind in her mane, hehe just wanna leap into my screen and hug!  ^_^
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Yes, it may be a simple short animation for the amount of time used to make it. But you know what? This is absolutely gorgeous!

Excellent work, we all really hope you can keep this up. My congratulations for the amazing work. =)
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This is such a nice comment :iconhappytwilightplz:
I really really appreciate this. Thank you so much for the kind words, I'll try to keep the art flowing!
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Oh my...
This is something I simply can't resist. 
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I haven't looked away since I animated it! :iconcrazysparkleshrugplz:
please send help
You need to lower your screen brightness to 0. 
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Me: YUS! 'grabs Dashie's hoof'
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Insert a generic comment about how good the art is good :P 

(Great job though)
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[Interject comprehensive compliment of aforesaid acknowledgment in return of bougiest gratification] 
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Stellar work man!
The expression is excellent!
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Thanks Chrispy! I'm glad you like it :icondashcutelaughplz:
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Awesome work, i Love it! 

Do you plan to release a 1080p video of it?
That's a perfect loop for a Wallpaper Engine wallpaper but sadly the 640x360 gif don't look so good in full screen :3 
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Thanks! :iconhappytwilightplz:

I just may have to release something like that now that you mention it. Doing a video in a higher resolution would require a little bit of retooling since I added the particles in After Effects, but it should still be doable. 

Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't thought of using it in the Wallpaper Engine, that's a rather cool idea!
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aww yeah thanks so much! 
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