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Tales from the hidden attic


I would humbly like to share that this piece has garnered several awards from last year (2010):

1. First Prize in the Chianciano International Award for Digital/Photographic Art 2010 (Italy) - [link]

2. First Prize in Boxheart Gallery's Inter/National, Here and Abroad 2010 Exhibition (USA) - [link]

In a town near where I was born, there was a house, almost as old as time and as mysterious as time itself. It just stood there, for years that I myself can't count in one day. It just layed there watching the sun go down and the moon rise up for centuries. If it could speak, time itself wouldn't be a mystery to us all.

There was a time when a group of businessmen from the big city planned to turn it into rubble and put up a small building for a factory. The mayor declined, for it was one of the most treasured pieces of their town's history, it served as a tourist spot during the holidays.

There were numerous stories about the house, about skies being visible on the walls and a shifting stair that leads to unknown places. But the one most common story that I have heard through my generation and the one prior to it was that in every 20 years, a child would be trapped in a mysterious room with nothing inside it but a chair, a book and an antique grandfather's clock. This hasn't been proven so far, but there was a girl that people say has survived the stay in that room. She has a little scar circling her neck, and her face is so white which looks like no sunlight has hit it for years. Sometimes children would go to her and ask her to tell her a story. Her stories are like the ones you'd hear from a master storyteller. She tells it flawlessly. The adults that I have spoke to said that she is a writer, but some would joke and say that she came from the old house.

It has been some time since I visited my hometown, maybe today would be a great time to do so.


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This is beautiful.
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Pure perfect
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Haunting and lovely.💝 👻 🌙
I was just wondering what techniques were used to create this, such an amazing piece of art!

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amazing, just lost in the clouds
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that is awesome im not one to normally just believe in stories like that but it sounds so real and its great story
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nice one, but I would put more shadow on the front wall, to make it look more like a room, just to add some dimensionality!
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Absolutely stunning!
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congrats!!! your work is awesome, you deserve much more prizes, wish you good luck!
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Strange and beautiful. :O
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i love this :D I decided to add it to a book I will make on figment. Not a big deal. Not a publishing company or anything, so, yes. I'll give credit
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i like it. vintage. :)
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I agree with Mijath. Excellent!!
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i love this one! :)
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I love your "virtual rooms" very much. It has inspired me and I'd love to see more of them (sorry if that sounds like a request or seems "tastely" selfish... ;) ). Keep the good works! :)
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